Sometimes when you practive energy healing or diagnostics your hands start to accumulate the energy. This can be felt differently but usually it feels like there’s some “noisy signal” on the hands, the palm feels tense and it may even ache. At the same time, you become less receptive to signals coming from other person’s body. So, if you try to feel an ilnessl spot, you might not feel it because the palms are already “noisy”.

Also, when you do energy healing, you manipulate the energy field (aura) of the patient, so you take some of his energy on yourself. You may feel pain in your palm and wrists and may even rise through your hand to the elbow and beyond.

First of all, don’t let the pain rise above the elbows. You don’t want to hurt yourself. If you feel that the pain or similar signal rises up your hand, try to shake it off or “remove” it with your other hand, like wiping it. If nothing helps, go to the bathroom and wash them up to the elbow.

Actually, washing hands after energy healing and diagnostics is a procedure that I met many times on different energy healing courses and in books, so there’s definately an agreement on this between various practitioners. After long work with a patient, some even suggest taking a shower to remove all the energy of another person from yourself.

So, not only for bacterial hygiene but also for the energy cleanness of your aura field, wash your hands up to elblow after energy manipulation with other man’s biofield.