Update: see also my later article “Spoon bending evidence by Dean Radin” for more credible evidence of spoon bending.

Spoon bending is a popular topics in the world of parapsychology or paranormal in general and in the field of psychokinesis (PK) in particular. Spoon bending refers to the alleged phenomena when people can bend spoons, forks and other similar objects with little to no force, making some very intriguing forms of them. I first heard of this a long time ago but have never actually witnessed it. I have tried somewhat (without getting special instruction) but without success.

Nevertheless, there are some very interesting sites with interesting stories about spoon bending. Of course, one of the more known persons having done spoon bending is the famous Uri Geller. Uri has been performing this a long time ago. There are many skeptics that designate him as a fraud but some people that I respect their opinion find much of his claims genuine. I’ve had asked in my interview with Jeffrey Mishlove, who has a Ph.D. in parapsychology and who worked with Uri Geller in the beginning of his career.

Another person whom I respect is Cynthia Sue Larson, the founder of the Reality Shifters website. I’ve also interviewed her and asked about Geller. Here’s what she answered me:

I hand-selected the spoon that I brought for Uri Geller to bend, and I picked it because it was the thickest, sturdiest spoon in my drawer. This was no easy spoon to bend, even by forceful means. When I met Uri Geller, I was impressed that he he held the spoon by the handle and stroked it along the top… so that as it bent, it bent upward, against the force of gravity! At no time was he ever pushing, twisting, or exerting any kind of force. I sensed from meeting Uri Geller that he is an honest man of great integrity.

You can read more about her meeting Uri Geller on her website. She also hosted a PK party.

Many talk these days about PK parties where people gather to bend forks and spoons. The originator of the parties and the technique behind it is Jack Houck, a retired systems engineer from Boeing. He has given more than 360 of these parties where over 17000 people were present, according to his website. Read more about Jack Houck’s PK parties from his website. To see some 3rd party pictures of bent silverware from these parties visit PK silverware.

Another site that was built specifically for the purpose of teaching spoon bending is http://forkbend.com. At this site, you’ll also find lots of information, including tutorial for hosting the parties. Plus there’s a great collection of photos of bent silverware.

Another site that mentions spoonbending is CyberPhysiology.com, hosted by Gary Sinclair. There he published an excerpt from book titled “Uri Geller” written by some Jonathan Margolis. Here’s an excerpt from Gary’s website, that explains how one can study spoonbending:

First of all you have to find the energy of you on the inside. Where is your energy on the inside? How do you find the energy of you? Close your eyes, and in the process of closing your eyes, I want you to think of me walking up to you with an envelope. In this envelope is a letter, this letter tells you everything that you need to know about the rest of your life. All the questions that you wanted answered are inside this letter, and in addition to that, there is a winning ticket for the lottery for $70 million. I have to decide whether I am going to give you this letter or not. It is your letter. Is that true? Whoever wrote it absolutely wanted you to have it, because it explains all the answers to the rest of your life, and then they added in this little gift of $70 million. I want you to notice what it feels like when you have this letter coming. OK? . . . And then I want you to notice what it feels like when I stand in front of you and tear the letter up. Feel the feeling as I tear it into all these pieces. Now open your eyes. Notice that you are actually feeling something, you are feeling an energy. Where do you feel the feeling? Well, that feeling, that’s you, that energy is you. You must feel the energy that is you. Find the energy inside you. Once you have the ability to feel who you are, you can simply bring that energy into your hands. It is a fireball. Take the fireball and slowly move it with your hands. That energy will go wherever you pay attention. When you pick up an object like this and you intend it to bend, and you know that where you pay attention is where the energy goes, then the energy is going to go there . . . focus between the fingers . . . you expect it to bend . . . make an agreement with the metal that it is going to bend . . . now go!

Michael Crichton, the famous book author, writes in his book “Travel” about his experience in one of the PK parties. I’ve got copied some of it below:

looked down. My spoon had begun to bend. I hadn’t even realized. The metal was completely pliable, like soft plastic. It wasn’t particularly hot, either, just slightly warm. I easily bend the bowl of the spoon in half, using only my fingertips. This didn’t require any pressure at all, just guiding with my fingertips.

I put the bent spoon aside and tried a fork. After a few moments of rubbing, the fork twisted like a pretzel. It was easy. I bent several more spoons and forks.

Of course, spoon bending has been the focus of long-standing controversy. Uri Gellar, an Israeli magician, who claims psychic powers, often bends spoons, but other magicians, such a James Randi, claim that spoon bending isn’t a psychic phenomenon at all, just a trick.

But I had bent a spoon, and I knew it wasn’t a trick. I looked around the room and saw little children, eight or nine years old, bending large metal bars. They weren’t trying to trick anybody. They were just little kids having a good time. Staying up past their bedtimes on a Friday night, going along with the adults, doing this silly bending stuff.

Another famous author Dick Sutphen writes about PK party on his site:

At first, nothing much happened. Then one person yelled “Look at my spoon.” It seemed to be melting in their hand. Soon, another person experienced the same thing, and another, until almost everyone in the room sat with a dazed expression, looking at the twisted metal in their hands.

What are your thoughts on this topic?