A site run by Bill Walker, a software engineer, describes a series of experiments in Remote Viewing (RV) that he had. Another person, Craig Hogan, a remote viewer among other things, did 6 Remote Viewing sessions for objects located in Bill’s apartment.

On his site, Bill presents the description and the results of the experiment, where he presents photos of the objects observed and Craig’s Remote Viewing session results – images and textual descriptions.

Here’s an excerpt from his summary:

The descriptions above accurately described relatively unique items on the tables in my house. In most cases, these were on tables in the rooms that “the targets” were located in (with the exception of the living room, but as indicated, the living room and dining room are connected). In all sessions, the exact “targets” that he matched were the kitchen table centerpiece, the plastic toy, and the bowl and chair at my parents’ house. If I walked a total stranger through my house for five minutes and asked them to observer items on tables, then brought them outside and asked them to sketch what they remembered, I’d be surprised if they would be able to sketch eleven objects in as much detail as Craig did. Consider just Figure 1 alone. What are the odds that someone using random “guessing” would exactly describe a gold and silver metallic orb with a four leaf pattern on top?

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