After a long time I’m delighted to present another interview. This time the interview is with Hazel Rogers. Hazel Rogers has recently set up Really Good Ideas to teach people about how easy it is to use EFT. She’s left the field of IT Project Management to lead workshops and teach people one-on-one how to use EFT to solve their emotional and physical problems.

I’m sure you’ll find the interview very interesting.

Being a professional in the IT and project management area why did you feel the need to turn unto alternative medicine?

Like a lot of people working long hours and in stressful jobs, I suffered various stress symptoms, insomnia, stomach stress symptoms, and frequently feeling tense. One night surfing the net, I found a line in Joseph Mercola’s tips to deal with insomnia that made me laugh out loud. It went something like “just use EFT for your stress and anxiety” (he’s changed it since then. See ). It seemed bizarre that they could use the word, “Just!” in that sentence. I thought I was being paid to deal with the stress and anxiety, that’s why they pay us the big bucks, you know. Well I read up on EFT from the free pdf available at the EFT website that night in bed on my laptop and had a go then and there. It worked brilliantly first time. My insomnia did not visit that night and has only rarely visited, (and I know how to handle it now)…

How did you get to know about EFT and why did you choose EFT as your tool?

Well I stumbled onto EFT to start with but it worked so well. The following evening I sat down and started tapping (applying EFT) seriously. If I find anything else that works as well as EFT, I’d use that as well. But so far EFT continues to amaze me with its effectiveness.

How did you study EFT? How would you recommend other new people to study EFT?

I learnt EFT by buying all the DVD’s sold from Gary Craig’s website (, and watching them. Then I started trying EFT on friends and family, and found it worked just as well on them. I haven’t attended a workshop myself. I do Project Management training on weekends, and this is when all the local EFT workshops seem to be held. That’s why I’ve developed my workshops to be done on weeknight evenings.

I honestly think attending a workshop is a great method of learning EFT. I’m OK picking things up from watching DVD’s but many people learn better by participating. The people who’ve attended my workshops say they find the group atmosphere to be encouraging and they pick it up more easily that way. The pdf I used is good as a starter, and I have an even shorter guide on my website. But they are really just starters. There is a lot of art in the delivery of EFT, choosing how to approach a problem, what to tackle first etc. It’s not just tapping. I’ve learnt that from the DVD’s and trying it on my thankfully patient friends.

What did you use EFT for on yourself and how was your success?

The first night, I tapped for insomnia. The next night, I chose 3 of the most traumatic events in my life (my childhood was not a happy one). I was seriously blown away when I applied EFT to those. Each one collapsed after a couple of rounds of mechanical EFT. I was a different person after 1 hour of tapping. A huge amount of pain that I’d never realized I had from childhood, disappeared. I felt 10kg lighter and I was walking slightly above the ground. I couldn’t stop smiling for 2 weeks. I’d had a go at these events, just following the instructions, and my world had completely changed. I then had to use EFT on my fear of flying because I seriously thought I’d fly away, I felt so much lighter! A downside was that I felt like my foundations had collapsed, these events were part of my identity, so it felt great, but seriously unfamiliar. So I tapped on that as well. It all settled down to me being much happier. I tackled a couple of other fears as they came up. A fear of dead animals that became an issue when my daughter’s guinea pigs died, a fear of heights. I tried it on everything, as Gary Craig suggests. In my experience, once you get the hang of it, it generally works.

What problems did you treat other people? How successfully?

My daughter became my first client. Simple things like needing to go to the toilet when we’re in the car, and teenage anxieties. Then a stressed work colleague, 10 minutes in a quiet meeting room and she was feeling much better. Distressed friends with boyfriend issues, 2 minutes and they’re not crying any more and seeing things more philosophically. Everyone I tried it on had great success and went away to look up the website for themselves. I’ve since treated many physical issues (asthma, bronchial things, stomach things, injuries, including overuse injuries and broken bones, acne) and emotional issues, (anger, stress, sadness, painful memories, romantic problems). Everyone has gotten at least some benefit. The vast majority have their problems completely fixed. Gary suggests that EFT often works when nothing else does, and I agree. I believe EFT solves the core problem that causes all these other issues, and that’s why it works.

You run EFT workshops. Why did you start doing them and how do participants find EFT when they encounter it?

I started EFT workshops because my background is as a trainer. I still train project management part time.

I love doing EFT workshops because I love seeing people’s first encounter, and you get to see a few per workshop. There is a moment when they get maybe halfway through a process and “bing” the problem’s gone. The look on their face is priceless. My first workshop was for friends – a friend brought his partner John, who works as a spruiker outside shops. John had a headache and a toothache (he’d been to the dentist that day), they were both fixed with one round of EFT each. And we all knew about it immediately. John was spruiking the praises of EFT for the rest of the night! The workshops are a really friendly supportive place for people to learn EFT. People make new friends, and enjoy the atmosphere.

While I do one-on-one consultations, I prefer to give people the tools they need to treat themselves. For some chronic problems there may be a need to break through many issues to resolve the problem, but often people just need to know how to approach the problems and then they can largely do it themselves.

What kind of people enroll onto the workshops?

All kinds of people. I have to admit though, I’m just starting out so it’s mostly been by word of mouth from my friends. Mainly professional people who have a few problems they’d like to deal with. The workshops are an economical way for people to learn EFT.

I’ve written on my site about the fact that I’m working on improving my eyesight using various techniques, including some EFT. You told me before that you know that EFT can also be used for that and that you’ve had some success. Can you tell more about this specific issue?

Yes I’ve been working on my vision for a few months as well. So far I’ve reduced my prescription by 1 diopter. -5.5 to approx. -4.5) I have myopia, but I think this would work for all vision problems. There is a theory about our vision that our minds are actually telling our eyes to be blurry for a reason. To over-simplify the theory, for myopia this is because we have fear of the outside world, so we retreat into our short range vision. I have been using EFT to track my issues back as far as I can go, and collapse them. As I do this, my vision improves. I have unearthed much buried childhood fear, sadness and anger amongst other things. Each time I do, I immediately get slightly clearer vision. To support this I also go without glasses whenever I can, and use reduced prescription glasses so I can just see what I need to. For example, to use the computer, I’m using -2.75 glasses. For driving I’m currently on -3.75. In time, my computer glasses will become my driving glasses and so on. An EFT Master, Carol Look has some vision improvement material available on her website.

EFT seems very simple to use and newcomers can see huge benefits from the beginning. It can be taught basically in less than an hour. I know that from my personal experience. But yet, there are advanced classes and techniques. What are the benefits of the advanced studies?

After an hour of learning EFT, you can do it “mechanically”. And yes, migraines, asthma attacks, headaches and toothaches and many other problems will often be collapsed with “mechanical” EFT. However I’ve come to the conclusion that the problems we often see are just the surface layer, and they occur when our systems can no longer cope with the strains. But the root cause of the problems are sometimes buried deeply, and covered over with learnt behaviours and beliefs about the world that we no longer question. And us people have strong defence mechanisms and often won’t allow someone to just dive into the core of a problem on first go. So as EFT practitioners, we need to find a way to gently get to the core of a problem so the problems are solved for good.

The techniques you can learn in the more advanced courses are the more gentle methods of dealing with horrible events. Also many reasons why mechanical EFT may not seem to work and how to fix them, as well some of the variations you can employ for different situations. So if you’re thinking of taking EFT up professionally, I’d recommend them heartily.

You run a website , Could tell about it, why you started it and about your goals regarding the website.

I wanted to build a website (again early days), that gave good news and inspiration to people. EFT is the best idea I’ve seen for a good while, so it dominates my site. But any good ideas are welcome. When people see their problems as being out of their control, they can become negative. Giving everyone the tools to change their own mindset and therefore their life, is a really good idea. I want everyone to see my website, download the information there and make positive changes to their lives. EFT is ridiculously simple yet hugely effective. I’m trying to make it even more accessible for everyone.

What amazes me about EFT is that I learnt it from a free downloadable pdf file. You can pay nothing and learn the most important skill you’ll ever need. Gary Craig could have gone the usual way and made millions, but he’s genuinely shared this information freely with the world. You’ll have found yourself how thrilling it is to relieve someone’s suffering so easily. Imagine doing this as a job!