Hello, dear readers of “Parapsychology articles and blog” website. Today I have a very special material for you. Today I’d like to present you an article written by one this site’s readers, Quinn Seaton, from Australia. Quinn has been commenting on this blog’s entry about Aura reading – Telepathy and aura reading. That article is almost a year old and Quinn has commented on it in May and in September. His comments tell that he can see auras and over several months he advanced in his ability.

I’ve asked Quinn to write more about his ability and he agreed to write an article for me since that’s something that he thought of doing for his university work. And he kept his word and wrote a great 7-page essay describing his personal path, which has not been easy but surely interesting.

I’ll let you download his essay in PDF format for easy reading but first I’d like to present several quotes from it, starting with the first paragraph:

I never saw the world the same way as others did. Then again neither would have anyone else. From an early age I was always fascinated by the supernatural and spent a lot of time playing in my room by myself. I never actually believed in such supernatural things until after high school when the supernatural world invaded my mind like when butter meets a hot knife. It’s been an arduous, frightening and utterly confusing journey of the spirit that will never cease to perpetuate… According to the critics, the ability that I possess is usually called “aura perception,” but I came to it after perusing various other courses of occult practises.

The next paragraph is interesting because he talks about something I wrote about before in articles like Personal experience with feeling energy with hands:

My first encounter with psychic phenomena was with a friend’s housemate who’d baked his brain on too much acid at music festival. I noticed he had a big violet book that extensively covered the subject of Wicca sorcery. When I asked him about it we ended up delving deep into a discussion about the energy of nature. He was the first person to introduce me to the aura. He taught me how to sense it with my hands by hovering them over the houseplants on the table. I felt a magnetic force, like the same sensation that you get when two like ends of a magnet are pressed together, except that it was much, much fainter, and could be broken at any moment from too much physical force being applied.

The next quote writes about cleaning bad energy from houses using sage smoke. This was interesting for me since I’ve learned about cleaning houses from some bad energies and using sage smoke was one part of the process. Really ringed my bells:

She’ll stop by to clear out any negative energy that coagulates in the corners of the house. I practised viewing disembodied auras by looking into said corners to judge whether or not there was too much of a negativity build up. If there was I’d neutralise it with a smudging technique using sage smoke.

Now I just want you to enjoy it yourself by reading the essay Memoir of a modern mystic.