Wow, this must be the most amazing telekinesis video I’ve seen (together with the one where the guy light a newspaper). The following video footage is from a television program, I believe in China. It shows an elder moving bricks, a small tank with water and breaking glass cup only with the power of his Chi. What’s also interesting is that he can both move the things away from him (push) and towards (pull) him as well.

I’d like the visitors speaking Chinese to translate what’s being said in the video and write it in the comments for all to know.

Update: A reader posted a link, in a comment below the article, to another great video from Ripley’s believe it or not program about a Qi Gong healer that can heat very strongly with his hands (about 200 F). He also demonstrates “Light Qi Gong” where his body weight is low. It’s an amazing video as well. Check out the comments

I’d like you to post your impressions of the video in the comments. Do you believe it? Does it convince you of the existence and the power of Chi and human ability to manipulate it?

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