Update: after you finish reading this article, there are more detailed instructions and photos in the article: Spoon bending instructions and pictures.

I’m continuing the articles on spoon bending. A reader of the site wrote me about his way of bending spoons and forks with his mind. I’ve emailed him back for some clarifications and decided to post his approach here.

I’d be glad if you take the needed time and try it at home (I believe you wouldn’t be too sad if you break a spoon this way). Read below Mike’s description:

Spoon bending (I can do this). Here’s the answer:

You require a peak emotional experience; i.e. the first time you fell in love (the goose bumps of your first kiss), the time you were so scared you thought you were going to die. The wrenching feeling in your stomach before a speech. Those are peak experiences.

Now the exact experience I find works best is the AWE experienced of seeing someone bend a spoon. The more you amplify that feeling the more powerful the effect 🙂 YOU HAVE TO REALLY GET INTO IT!!! some people yell and stuff I find thats really for those that cant feel that well. For someone that helps them focus.

Next release that feeling to the spoon, wanting to share that feeling with the spoon.

You can pass this feeling to the spoon, when you do so you ask it to bend repeatedly in tone. This means you want to pass it as if you were chanting it (this has to do with the vibrational properties of the signal).

Then it bends, I’m still practicing a lot to make it much stronger. Practice makes perfect.

Oh, and start with cheap spoons that are easily bendable. Then move up to forks and thicker spoons. 😉 You can feel it being bendable when you get it right.

P.S. A PK party is easier to start at because people are excited and you will absorb some of that. Stress or any doubt will cause it not to work too.

I then asked him how one should hold the spoon and if I need to bend it with some force or not. Here’s his answer:

The part about holding the spoon isn’t important. Having a point of
contact helps you focus on the spot or the spoon or “feeling the
spoon”. Many people I’ve seen do it imagine a ball of energy above
their head and shooting into the spot in the spoon.

And helping the spoon bend in the beginning using your hands and
force is definitely the way to start. The better you get the less
force you need. Try bending a spoon just with brute strength and it
will make a for a good comparison. It will bend a lot easier when
you are able to PK it =) Don’t be afraid to use force at first its
a practice thing and the difference when you use PK is pretty
startling even when you suck. I’ve seen a 6 year old bend thick stuff
that in no way they can bend.

The energy pushing I have not practiced yet but the description was
how I was taught too. 😉

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