I always thought that countries whose cultures have a long history of accepting psi phenomena have a better chance of conducting effective experiments and promoting scientific research in the field of parapsychology. The reason for my thoughts was that, hopefully, the scientific establishment in these countries is not as a priori averse to these topics as their colleagues in the western universities. I had my hopes that countries like China and India, from which many of these traditions come, will take a deeper, scientific look at the claims of siddhis, Qi, etc. That being said, I also thought that they don’t do it much or at all, either because the political establishment was against it, or because there was no funding or public interest since these abilities were already accepted in the culture and thus didn’t need much research.

Luckily, it seems that at least in China, the research of topics in parapsychology is increasing, and becomes more open. The fantastic site Psi Encyclopedia has an article from last year published by “Professor Yi-Fang Chang, a physicist and experimental parapsychologist at China’s Yumman University.” exactly about this topic: Psi Research in China.

I suggest you read the whole article, as it’s written well and has a lot of information, but here are some quotes from the article that are the highlights, as far as my interests go.

The physicist Leping Zha introduced the systematic study of psi in the People’s Republic of China in the late 1970s. In China, psychokinesis is included in the ‘somatic sciences’ that study exceptional functions of the human body such as qigong. Leping Zha’s historical account of the three phases of China’s modern somatic sciences between 1979-2001 includes reviews of hundreds of claimed successful experiments across the parapsychology spectrum.

The Institute of Somatic Science of Yumman University was founded in 1980, where successful experiments have included the advancing and retarding of a clock by means of mental intention in the absence of any known physical force.

“Professors Deying Chu and Shao Linxiang, biochemists at Beijing University and Zhejiang Normal University respectively, investigated the effects of EQQ (External Qi of Qigong), finding that directed EQQ could kill cultured cancer cells in vitro and inhibit in vivo tumor growth, also that it could relieve symptoms and even effect a complete cure in many illnesses. EQQ has also been found to enhance seed germination and plant growth, increasing crop yields. It has been found that EQQ prepared water can be imprinted with Qi and can inhibit bacterial proliferation, induce cancer cell apoptosis and promote the growth of normal cells.”

“In 2013, the International Chinese Parapsychology Association (ICA), now registered in Hong Kong, was set up to integrate Chinese psi research with other global activity in the field… The Mind-Matter Parapsychology Phenomena and Study Kumming Ltd, registered in Kumming (capital of Yunnan province) has recently been established. These associations can also call upon the expertise of scientists such as Shao Linxiang (Kochi University of Technology), Leping Zha and Dong Shen.”

“During the summer periods of 2012-2015, the Training Group on the Potential of Blind Children, Southern China Branch, in co-operation with the facilities offered by Lady Tang Kai-Ting of Taiwan in Beijing, found that by using a method combining scientific memory and the practice of Qigong over a period of time, many blind children could learn to distinguish different colours by touch on the nose or ear, and even recognize the outlines of simple figures and numbers, thus improving their quality of life.”

“Blind children can be taught to telepathically communicate with each other and have even been taught to get together in a ‘virtual space’ and move objects by virtual PK. Sighted children can be taught to develop their PK abilities to fold strips of paper or break matchsticks held in transparent sealed containers, and even write a few tiny words such as ‘Mother I love you’ and a figure of ‘love’ on a sealed match stick (fig 1) by using a mind controlled ‘virtual pen’.”

“Children can also be taught to develop their psi abilities to achieve ‘psi-calculations’, communicate with spirits and with plants and perceive at a distance (remote viewing). Our research has demonstrated that the potential to develop ESP/PK abilities in both blind and sighted children is universal, independent of nation, religion and belief.”

The article also lists the working theory of Chinese scientists as to how this works, research into earthquake predictions and a summary of scientific publications.

I found some additional information on the topic in an article from 1991 in the American Society for Psychical Research. The article can be downloaded in PDF form from CIA library: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00792R000300270007-9.pdf . It’s written by Leping Zha (see a quote above) and Tron McConnell. Might be worth a read to learn more on this topic.

Parapsychology in the People's Republic of China

Parapsychology in the People’s Republic of China