In today’s article, I want to write about something that not many people heard of, and not many believe in, although it appears to be old knowledge. I want to talk about a phenomenon called Geopathogenic Zones, or for short I’ll call it GZ.

The term Geopathogenic Zone is coming from the world of Dowsing. Dowsing is in itself a controversial topic. I’ve already written about it before in the article Dowsing – biolocation. Biolocation is just another name for dowsing. It was called so in Russia to give it a more scientific name. All of the English-speaking world calls it dowsing. Another term I’ve seen is geopathic.

What is dowsing, then? It’s an old skill that allowed people in the early days of history to find water or minerals underground. At least that’s how it believed to begin. At those times a stick from a tree was used for dowsing but these days the dowsing rods are usually made of wire.

Now, back to the Geopathogenic Zones. First, what does that long word mean? Geo – the earth, pathogenic – creating illness. So, Geopathogenic Zones are areas on the earth that create illnesses. Now we’ve figured that out we need to take a look at the following four questions:

1. What are the ill effects of Geopathogenic Zones?

Geopathogenic Zones can have a very adverse effect on the health of people who stay in them for prolonged periods of time. Since short stays are mostly harmless, the most important places to check for GZ are the bed where you sleep and the place of work, especially if you work sitting or standing at the same place, like office work. Over time, illnesses can develop in those areas of the body that are resting on the GZ. The size of the Geopathogenic Zone is usually as small as a square of about 25cm (10”), but occasionally they can be larger. The illnesses can be anything from local pain to overall fatigue, depression and even cancer and other serious illnesses.

For example, after my wife started to have the migraine attacks we decided to check the bed for Geopathogenic Zones. It appeared that we had a GZ right where my wife’s pillow lays. Even I after I’ve successfully treated my wife’s migraine with EFT, the problems with her head persisted, now in the form of sinusitis inflammation.

In another case, a couple moved into a new apartment. After only 2 months, the husband’s health seriously deteriorated and he was taken to a hospital for a prolonged stay. At that time, his wife asked to check their new home for bad energy, etc. The verification of their bed showed that the husband’s half of the bed was all one big Geopathogenic Zone. The wife’s side had a zone below waist area. When she was told that she also admitted to have developed strong pain in her legs after their move to the new apartment. I know of several more such cases. They are both persuasive and serious. This leads us to the next question:

2. How can one detect the Geopathogenic Zone?

The only way that I know is the aforementioned dowsing. To dowse for GZ, you need to have two L-type dowsing rods and, hopefully, some experience in dowsing. You should hold one in each hand, not far away one from the other, pointing forward. And start walking to cover the area you want to check. When the rods will be on a GZ, they will both turn inwards and cross strongly. If you don’t understand the explanation, please write so in the comments and I’ll make a whole post with pictures to explain it better for newcomers.

3. What causes Geopathogenic Zones?

Geopathogenic Zones are coming from inside the earth, vertically up and they penetrate buildings. They are a form a radiation (or energy), emanating from below the earth surface. Their cause is believed to be mostly underground water currents but also shift in earth crust and other geological causes. Therefore, they don’t shift much and stay in the same place. So, the obvious question is:

4. What should you do if you find a Geopathogenic Zone over the bed or another place of prolonged stay?

Well, the easiest and most sure thing to do is not to be at that place. If it’s a bed, move it so that you won’t sleep over the zone. We recently moved our bed half a meter because of the zone where my wife had slept. But can it be blocked, screened? It seems that yes, but it is hard (or expensive) and should be verified in each case by dowsing, to make sure. I know 2 products that can remove the GZ while they lay there (although none of them claims this, only tested empirically). I also heard about specific semi-precious stones that can also help. Other than that, it’s better and simpler just not to be where the Geopathogenic Zone is.

Update: I’ve reviewed a new line of devices that use semi-precious and precious stones that were designed to negate the effects of geopathogenic zones. These devices are called Somavedic Medic, and you can read my review of Somavedic Medic Uran here.

Hopefully, I’ve answered most of the questions you might have. If something is not clear, post your questions in the comments.