The problem of geopathogenic zones

Many years ago I wrote here about Geopathogenic zones (also called geopathic zones or Ley lines). Somavedic medic devices are here to help.

These harmful zones are small areas that can negatively affect people’s health if a person stays in them for prolonged periods of time (such as the bed or /the workplace).

How to negate geopathogenic zones

I was also looking for solutions to negate their harmful effects, if possible. There aren’t many available. Some or all of the products that I had tried don’t exist anymore.

Recently I was sent a review unit of a new product (for me), from a series of products called Somavedic. Specifically, I was sent the Somavedic Medic Uran. What struck me interesting about it is that it comes with a list of tests and certificates that demonstrate an effect on the environment. I will link to them below.

Somavedic Medic Uran review

The Somavedic series of products all look similar but claim different levels or areas of effects. These devices are “based on 15 years of experience in the field of alternative medicine – Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, …and related areas, and of course based on scientific knowledge in the field of frequency therapy – effects of specific ‘vibrations’ on the environment and the human body.”

The devices contain semi-precious and precious stones in a specific configuration that creates the desired effects of the devices. They need to be connected to electricity but use very little of it (less than 1kWh per month).

The Medic Uran is a beautiful green-coloured device about 20cm in diameter. When connected, the blue LEDs inside glow and it creates a nice ambient light that looks beautiful in a room.

It was pretty impossible for me to test the functionality of the device since I’m not sensitive to the effects of electrosmog – electromagnetic radiation in the homes from cellular, WiFi etc. I also didn’t have the device long enough to test some of its effects, since the claim of the product is that some beneficial aspects (including an effect on geopathogenic zones) may take up to 3 months to get into full effect.

Scientific tests of Somavedic devices

Their website lists a lot of positive reviews and I have copies of some of the reports to download. Some were done by measuring heart rates (Download PDF 2MB) or blood samples (Download PDF 500KB) on groups of people who have used the device and who did not.

Other tests were performed by measuring the effect of the device on magnetic fields near it (Download PDF 500KB). The Uran (as well as the more focused device, Somavedic Atlantic, should positively affect water structure, which should have positive health effects (Download PDF 2MB). There have been studies linking the effects of consciousness on water.

Somavedic customer testimonials

Here are some testimonials that I’ve collected about the product from their informational web site.

We bought it when my partner started doing chemotherapy and to guarantee early recovery we tried to get help also from green foods, homeopathy and Somavedic.
I must say through autumn, winter and spring we haven’t been ill at all. Everyone around were taking antibiotics, flu and angina was raging and we were completely healthy (even despite the fact that a body is very susceptible to illnesses after chemotherapy)…
And flowers? Those are blooming like crazy. Even those which haven’t been blooming for years are blooming now.

Another testimonial, from Japan, includes the following:

  1. My husband and I rarely feel tired.
  2. The quality of sleep becomes better.
  3. Water tastes better.

Here’s another excerpt, about the “Uran” model:

After its activation I felt the change practically immediately – the atmosphere thinned, it wasn’t so “dense”, I felt relief. The omnipresent pressure, which you get used to not to perceive, but still you subconsciously get irritated by it (when you have energy for it), or exhausted by it (when you have no energy to resist it) eased up significantly. My husband is not so sensitive to these things, but after two days even he said he was calmer and in a better mood.
I even noticed those symptoms – we slept less, we were waking up during night prematurely rested, even long-time old leg injury came up again, which inhibited me to step on that leg for a couple of hours. But I was aware it was a part of process of cleaning the cellular memory, so I didn’t mind.

There are many more testimonials on their website, some are quite long.


If you’re looking for a solution to one of the following: negating geopathogenic zones, negating effects of electrosmog, improving quality of water, general wellbeing, take a look at these Somavedic devices.

Final notes

The links to the Somavedic store from this article are affiliate links, and we might get some kick-back if you buy one, which will help to run this site.

That being said, my goal was to write a balanced review, based on the information provided by the company, on the Internet and whatever I could gather personally from having the device for a review period.