Update: Now at about two months since the start of the problem here’s a little update:
I have much less painful episodes and when they occur they are not as painful now and usually not long at all but more of a one-time shocks. They are also now somewhat more connected to how I move the leg and I usually experience these one-time shocks now only when putting the leg awkwardly. But otherwise I’m much much better.

I still do the TCM sessions since I believe they are the ones that help me most in the long run. My friend now puts much more attention to the lower back. I’ve also went to a neurologist and she confirmed that Chinese medicine is good. It’s also possible to do physiotherapy instead or some other form of complementary medicine. She also prescribed me Vitamins from group B since they help the healing process of nerve endings. She confirmed that the problem is in the lower spine and she assured me that it will soon pass. But I need to pay more attention to lifting weights. I also started getting more to the gym, mostly to swim, since it should really strengthen my back muscles. It’s very essential to future prevention of this problem.
End of update.

For about 5 weeks now I’ve been having a periodic pain inside the calf of my right leg. At first days I thought it were muscle cramps but after I noticed that the calf muscle was soft at the time of pain I understood it was something else.

It was very painful at first and quite often. My first success in reducing the pain was a treatment by a friend of mine who does Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I think, the Tui Na (pronounced tweena) massage was the most helping part. But the pain persisted and came back and my family doctor could not find its source. So he prescribed Vitamin E, without explaining much. Later, when I asked he told me that Vitamin helps nerve endings. Since he didn’t know the reason for the pain he sent me to see a blood vessel surgeon. But I had almost 4 weeks before my appointment with him took place. Now, to the more interesting part of the story…

During that time I called a friend of my mother, who lives in New-York. He is an energy healer but I never talked to him before about this. But since my problem was quite acute and the meeting with the surgeon about 3 weeks away (and not much hope that it would help), I decided that I’ll call him. At that time, my assumption was that the problem was indeed somehow connected to blood vessels inside the leg, since the pain was pulsating and it didn’t feel to me like muscle pain.

During my talk with this healer I explained to him where I have the pain and suggested that it had something to do with the blood vessels. He told me to let him check. He then told me that he sees nothing wrong with my blood circulation and he sees that the problems comes from my lower back, in the spine. It was pretty unusual, since nobody before him suggested this. He then did me an energy treatment on my lower back and I had 3 days pain free. I contacted him again about 1 or 2 weeks later when the pain returned and made me nervous again. He told me his observation was that I was doing better, gave me another treatment and I had another 3 days without pain.

About a week and a half ago I went to that blood vessel surgeon. His visual inspection was that he didn’t see anything wrong with the blood circulation in the leg but to be sure he sent me for a doppler test which should check circulation inside the leg. As I understand its an ultrasound test. I have it next week. Yet he also suggested that this kind of pain can be sourced from the lower back and he also sent me for another test, called EMG (Electromyography). EMG tests muscle and nerve functionality.

Yesterday I’ve done this test and although it was a bit painful it showed what the problem is. The problem affects a inner muscle inside the calf but the source of the problem is an irritation in the nerve in the lower spine. I have to see what the surgeon will tell me about the needed treatment (but I have a week until I meet him). I guess some healers really know what they are doing. I have called him again yesterday after the test to update him on results but really didn’t need it for himself. He only gave me another treatment and told me that it was getting better with time. Well, that’s the story of my leg pain, which isn’t over yet, so it seems.