Yesterday I went to the Qi Gong lesson for the second time. I’ve missed a week since I was ill last week. The flu got to me as well. If you haven’t read about my first experience with Qi Gong, read it in the post: My first Qi Gong lesson.

This time I think I’ve had some progress. I found that I could control my body better. Since the movements in Qi Gong are done slowly, it is difficult to do them with precision. You have all the time to control the spice, the bottom, the hands and the legs. There’s also some imagination of intentions going on (like head pulling up and the bottom wants to get low),

Qi Gong exercises are also very difficult for the legs since one almost all the time with bent legs, so the muscles get tired fast and ache. But this is required since in the exercises the legs should carry all body weight. At the same time, all the upper part of the body should be relaxed as much as possible. This is actually the most difficult part, as relaxing the spine, shoulders, neck and hands is difficult while doing some strange movements. But that’s what the training is for, after all.

I could also feel my progress while doing the standing exercises. While standing in the most important “tree hugging” posture and relaxing, after a minute or two I could feel the energy collecting between my palms and hands, especially during my exhalations. I know this will be better with time and it hopefully I’ll be able to collect much energy during the standing postures. I always like to feel the energy as every time it reinforces my belief that it exists.