There is an article in The Official University of Manitoba Students’ Newspaper Website about a student named Adam who heals at a distance. He is using visualizations for diagnosing and healing. Here’s a quote from the article:

… when Adam is trying to heal someone with a heart problem, he projects himself inside this person’s heart, amid the blood, veins and arteries. Once inside the patient, Adam takes a visual tour of the ailing organ. By manipulating what he sees, Adam leads the person’s body on the path back to health.

Adam describes healing from a distance just by looking at the patients photograph. He then sees his patient, his energy and minipulates the energy to heal. The article also provides the most known story of Adam’s healing ability when he cured a rock star from cancer. The story from the article:

Adam and his abilities gained widespread media attention in 2002, when he allegedly cured the terminal pancreatic cancer of rock legend Ronnie Hawkins — without ever having met him.

Reading in his local paper that Hawkins had been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer and had been given three to six months to live, Adam asked Hawkins’ manager for a photograph of the musician. He conducted a series of treatments on Hawkins, working to reduce the size of his tumour by accessing his hologram. As Adam continued to treat Hawkins, the musician gradually began to look and feel healthier.

In April 2003, eight months after Hawkins’ cancer had been diagnosed as terminal, doctors ran an MRI. Hawkins was cancer-free, with no evidence of any tumour remaining.

Personally, I know people who heal from a distance using several techniques, some of them reminding  the way that this guy Adam describes.