Good day. Today I’m glad to introduce to you a new contributor to this site. I’m proud to introduce to you drew hempel (drew insists on writing his name all lowercase). drew has experience in qigong and healing and has experienced telekinesis, telepathy and precognition, as he wrote me in his email.

<p>drew's articles are thorough, sophisticated, full of references to books and researches. I hope you take his writing seriously as it deserves. My hope is that drew will write more articles for and share his experience and knowledge with us. </p>

Today, let me present his article titled ‘The Secret of Psychic Music Healing’. I hope you enjoy it a much as I did. It’s longer than my usual articles, so set aside some time to read it undisturbed.

The Secret of Psychic Music Healing
by drew hempel, MA

Psychic music as a topic of parapsychology was the focus of amazing research by D. Scott Rogo. His books have been recently reissued by D. Scott Rogo discovered that most psychic music experiences were of vocal music (not instrumental) and more recently psychic music is less common. This decline in psychic music is because in the West we have a very limited concept of music while in nonwestern cultures music is used for psychic healing. What is missing from the West is this: sound resonates into ultrasonics which resonates with chemicals to produce electromagnetic energy and light as information — sonoluminesence.

Vitus B. Droscher details in his book The Magic of the Senses (1971) that humans can hear ultrasonics — but only within our heads. The highest tone or pitch that humans hear in their head actually covers several octaves of frequency going into ultrasonics. The ultrasonics then combines with
our body chemistry, forming cavitation bubbles which collapse with great heat and produce light. Biophysicists like Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Dr. Fritz Alfred Popp have proven that when the body has too much energy or trapped light then disease arises while healthy people actually give off light. In fact it’s been proven that dolphins regularly use this ultrasonic light healing:

Psychic music healing enables a person to increase the voltage and current of energy in the body so that great light — like a laser — can be directed out of the body and into other people. That’s just the beginning: Telepathy, telekinesis, precognition — all are created through psychic music healing. This is a very blissful process that anyone can
learn! The secret was discovered by biology professor emeritus Brian Goodwin: the subharmonics of frequency create a significant increase in amplitude. This concept is also the secret to quantum chaos, the top field of science, creating artificial life with “adaptive resonance theory.”

There are several different ways to play what I call “body music.” Anyone can play — no matter their physical condition. The frequency does not matter — nor does the amplitude — despite what countless Western harmonic healing devices proclaim. Those are Western concepts. Psychic music healing is based on wave form — known as tetrad of the the law of Pythagoras or the OM symbol of vedic philosophy or the tai-chi symbol of taoism and finally Kepler’s secret symbol: An equilateral triangle circumscribed and inscribed by two circles. I’ll get into the philosophy of psychic music
healing in a bit but first let’s learn how to play “body music.”

Most people can stand but it’s not necessary to play “body music.” First let’s assume you can stand. You stand with your feet about shoulder-width or a bit more. Your knees are slightly bent, or a bit more. You put your left hand with palm towards you, a few inches in front and below your belly. You put your right hand with palm towards you, a few inches in front of and above your chest. Now slowly move your hands vertically, up with the left hand and down with the right so that they meet in the middle and exchange positions. Now your left hand is where your right hand started and vice versa. Then slowly begin again. Repeat this and you’ve just transformed your body into a harmonic oscillating capacitator — just like Tesla built! Here take a look at this easy practice in action!

Keep in mind that Oxford biology professor J.W.S. Pringle considered all of evolution to be driven by an asymmetrical harmonic oscillating sine wave!

So what’s key with psychic music healing is the wave form of complimentary opposites. For Tesla this meant an alternating shift in phase — the sine wave shifts 90 degrees and this creates a complimentary opposite of electromagnetic fields. By creating the alternating current Tesla could triple his power with the same amount of voltage — he did this by using the subharmonics of frequency to significantly increase the amplitude of energy. Tesla wanted to resonate the natural harmonics — or nodes — of the whole planet so that free energy was
generated. His secret was understanding the proper wave form for energy and Tesla insisted on only using the sine wave oscillations.

In other words you don’t have to be a strong person to play psychic body music. You just have to practice correct form — just like learning to play a musical instrument!

All science is really just building up and transforming sine waves but the mathematics of science is based on “containing” the sine wave through logarithmic or equal-tempered tuning. This “equipartition principle” is why parapsychology has been so stumped over the years. All measurements, including statistics, go against the natural resonance of complimentary opposites. Certain scientists were right-brain visionaries who sensed the truth through intuition. Only later was mathematics applied to the concepts they discovered: Tesla, Einstein,
Kepler are just a few examples of these right-brain visionaries.

The creative process really relies on associative, analog thinking which occurs often in our dreams or in the state between dreaming and sleeping. Our older senses also work best during that time. So just as the sense of smell is closely tied to memory (because of its location to the hippocampus) so does that first breath between dreaming and waking let us truly smell ourselves while forgetting our dreams! Rats, for example, have great smell but this is because their consciousness is always in the “theta” dream state. They smell with deep breaths indicating strong amplitude, but slow frequency. For the same reason when we practice psychic music healing the “slower” we move, the “stronger” the results. The above standing exercise is called “moving of the yin and yang” in Spring Forest Qigong where I learned from
a Chinese healing master, Chunyi Lin:

Another profound psychic music healing practice is called the “microcosmic orbit” or “the small universe.” The music scale has 12 notes and there are 12 harmonic nodes along the outside of the body. If you sit on a chair, preferably the edge, with your back straight but relaxed, you can just focus your mind on each of the 12 notes, just like practicing music scales! Scales are boring (unless you’re Coltrane) but in psychic music healing profound sensations and insights occur. Read the book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality, trans. by Charles Luk for details. In fact this “small universe” practice is also found in India, as detailed in the book Yoga: Immortality and Freedom by professor Mircea

In China the ratio 2:3 is yang and the ratio 3:4 is yin and this is the same as in the law of Pythagoras with the Tetrad: 1:2:3:4. As the resonance of higher frequency occurs the pitch has decreased in proportion of natural numbers. We learn this as the harmonic series: 1:2 is the music interval for the octave. 2:3 is the perfect fifth. 3:4 is the perfect fourth. 5:4 is the major third. In fact the complete 12 notes of the music scale can be created just from the perfect fifth interval as the ratio 2:3. This is called “the circle of fifths” in the West: C-G-D-A-E-B-F#-C#-G#-D#-A#-E#(F)-C. Another way to understand this concept is that C-G is 2:3 but G-C is 3:4. In other words
nonwestern music violates the equipartition principle that is the foundation of Western science and nonwestern music creates an infinite “spiral of fifths” resonating from the tetrad: 1:2:3:4. Quantum chaos also violates the equipartition principle which is why top scientists like Alain Connes and Brian Josephson now argue that music theory provides the formal language to understand quantum logic.

The crucial difference in the law of Pythagoras is that as the resonance of 2:3 goes higher in harmonics it does not return to the “same” C (as an octave in pitch). This problem of changing keys past octaves is called “the comma of Pythagoras” and finally became equal-tempered tuning but for a long time no one could change the law of Pythagoras because it was taught that the natural numbers were sacred. Only with equal-tempered tuning could true Western music be created — with polyphonic
chords and counterpoint orchestration, etc. Nonwestern music now sounds primitive and unsophisticated since it is often single-note melodies. In fact, again what was lost in the West was the concept of sound transduction throughout the whole energy spectrum! Psychic music healing is the secret for why Egyptian mathematics does not break down the ratio 2:3 but instead turns every other number into a fraction of 2:3 plus unit fraction ratios aka the harmonic series as the law of Pythagoras!

The creation of statistics in the West, by the Bournelli family, was based on “disproving” the law of Pythagoras since it was argued that as the natural resonance overtones get higher the frequency becomes more
out of tune. In fact this sounded out of tune only because transduction of energy was ignored. Ever since, those who claim the validity of Pythagorean healing are dismissed as cranks and lunatics. In actually Daniel Bournelli, Lagrange, Euler and others spent 40 years arguing over the true mathematics of the oscillating harmonic string. Fourier solved the problem by relying solely on sine wave mathematics but now with the addition of quantum chaos “wavelets” — fractal-based fourier analysis — the secret of artificial intelligence or “self-organized criticality” is spreading.

Now back to our “body music” practice. The 12 notes that need to be played as the natural nodes along the outside of the body are: 1) belly 2) bladder 3) bottom of torso 4) tip of tailbone 5) lower back 6) kidney area 7) top of back (spinal cord) 8) base of head 9) top of head 10) middle of forehead 11) neck 12)
heart. So you say “OM” on 1) and “MUA” on 2) and “OM” on 3), then continue alternating, slowly moving, to 12. Start over! As you practice what is experienced is strong heat, blissful emotions, and then electromagnetic fields that turn into light. The body will become strong and very limber, like a baby’s flexibility. If you keep these 12 notes in tune so that the front and back channels of the body are open then the body is perfectly healed. You can order an excellent spring forest qigong “small universe” C.D. to guide your practice — it’s only $10 as a holiday special (plus shipping cost).…

Now why say “OM” and “MUA”? The great
aspect about “psychic music healing” is that it’s transcultural. Everyone loves music and in fact all cultures use the 1-4-5 music intervals — only in the West the 1-4-5 intervals are “tempered” based on the Pythagorean Theorem square root of two. You can find the proof for this in my masters thesis, “epicenters of justice,” U of Minnesota, 2001, Still if you listen to a rock song it’s based on the 1-4-5 intervals, as is any blues song and even most classical music. In actuality the square root of two is approximated as the major 2nd interval, 9:8, cubed. 9:8 cubed is the tritone music interval aka “the devil’s interval” — banned for most of Western music history. Now we know the secret of
2:3 as 666 — the Pythagorean ratio of creation obsessed over by Kepler’s Rosicrucian associates. 9:8 as resonating from the law of Pythagoras must be “squared” off into logarithmics and the square root of two is the first example. The 2:3 “circle of fifths” of the 9:8 scale is 12 times the square root of two. In fact for Plato 9:8 was the value of each citizen that must be “compromised” for the “good of the state” as an early version of equal-tempered tuning or Matrix technology, detailed by professor emeritus Ernest McClain in his book The Pythagorean Plato. The latest example of this “music logarithmic spiral” is supersymmetry physics based on mass squared as the logarithmic inverse proportion of energy frequency distance, detailed by physics professor Gordon Kane.

The creation of logarithmic mathematics was really an extension of the Major 3rd as 5:4 approximating the cube root of two (for 3-dimensional precision, ushering in the Renaissance, see Stuart Isacoff’s book Temperament.) The pentatonic scale is also found worldwide — 5 notes. In nonwestern music these 5 notes are associated with the 5 main organs which resonate as the main emotions. So the chant relied on in Tibetan Buddhism, but arising in India, “Om Mani Padme Hum” utilizes the 5 main vowels so that the phase-shift overtones resonate the 5 main organs of the body. Again the secret of psychic music healing: sound resonates into ultrasonics thereby transforming emotion as electrochemicals of the organs.

Edmund Gurney was considered one of the leaders of early psychical research and the focus of his book The Power of Music is that
music, unlike the other arts, does not “represent” or “symbolize” anything. Music is emotions and therefore music has power that the other arts do not. We find this secret of psychic music healing every morning when birds sing. We hear beautiful, sublime song but in fact most of the bird song is in the ultrasonic frequencies which then resonate the stomata of plants, enabling the plants to take in nutrients from the morning dew. Hence the secret of “spring forest qigong.” Dan Carlson did the research for this concept at the University of Minnesota and now has a company: SonicBoom In fact the oldest, most venerated alchemy book in the West, Mutis Liber, is based on using the peat moss nutrients from morning dew, along with sound chanting.

If it’s hard to believe that sound is “anti-gravity” just realize that the dark energy of the universe is measured by sound or pressure waves (aka baryonic acoustic oscillations). Newton, as discovered in the 1960s, got his law of gravity straight from Pythagoras: A weight 4 times as strong is needed to stretch a string to twice the density — or an octave higher in pitch — hence the inverse square law of gravity. Or as Einstein discovered, the higher the frequency, the greater the intensity of energy. Again the reason that gravity and quantum mechanics can not be united is because of what’s called in quantum chaos: “asymmetrical time reversal” — the same conundrum behind the harmonic series solution for the Riemann Hypothesis, leading professor Steve Strogatz to call it a “conspiracy between nature and number, between atom and arithmetic.” See the best-selling UK book Music of the Primes for
further details.

So when we chant “Om Mani Padme Hum” we naturally create the Tesla phase-shift with a tripling of power for the same voltage. All the main organs are healed and harmony is restored in the body. Western science “pooh-poohs” all this talk of “vibes” and “harmony” — and with good reason! In fact nonwestern philosophy is much more sublime. The only real harmony is “harmonia” the formless awareness or consciousness as the 4th dimension of space. Kepler, as an ardent Pythagorean used this secret to usher in western science. The tetrad is the equilateral triangle but it’s actually based on asymmetrical number, using complimentary opposites. Kepler was against the logarithmic-based golden ratio and instead taught that number is gendered. One is not a
number, but the male form of the female formless awareness. Just as “alpha and omega” represent God, defined as “I am that I am,” the continuous fraction of one as the golden ratio is really the secret of alchemy.

All left-brain logic is based on the I-thought, what Noam Chomsky calls the “I-language.” As Kurt Godel practiced, the crucial question is “what is the source of the I-thought?” Taken quite literally, the philosopher repeats I-I-I over and over — not as a mantra — but as a logical experiment of inference. When we are deep sleep we do not retain self-awareness yet somehow there is consciousness. Or are we just automatons? The Vedic philosophy that practices logical enquiry of the I-thought is called jnana yoga, considered the highest yoga practice. What is achieved is the “fourth state” of consciousness. The OM symbol is really AUM for the waking, dream
and dreamless sleep state (the “Am” of the definition of God). The 4th state is called turiya — self-awareness while in the deep dreamless sleep state — the “that” I am. This 4th state is the gateway to powers of telepathy, telekinesis and precognition and is achieved by resonating the pineal gland. Gurdjieff, a modern Pythagorean master, called the 4th state, “objective consciousness.”

No belief is necessary, just logical inference of the I-thought which creates what I call the “natural resonance revolution.” Even Sir Karl Popper stated that resonance governs all of science. Now the secret symbol of Kepler can also be used to teach the final practice of psychic music healing. The full-lotus body music or pyramid power. No one can fake the full-lotus and if you want to know if someone can really “see auras” or do healing, etc. just ask them to sit in the
full-lotus. Professor and Master Nan, Huai-chin, who teaches in Taiwan, is a full-lotus master and his 4 books, hardly known in the West, detail exactly why “zen” and many other so-called eastern practices have been misunderstood thus far.

The power to extend the mind beyond the body is achieved by having electromagnetic fields charge through the body.

The tetrad, central to Kepler, demonstrates the law of Pythagoras since the number 1 naturally resonates into 2:3:4 as yin and yang. What Kepler did was extend that resonance into 4:5 with 5:4 approximating the cube root of three. The symbol is then expanded so that the resonance creates a 6-sided star, the full-lotus (sacred to Egypt, China, India and the Middle East) with the outside circle becoming the infamous elliptical orbit solving the model of the solar system. When a person sits in full-lotus the spine and knees form one equilateral triangle with the hands in front of the heart and elbow over the feet forming the opposite equilateral triangle. A vortex of free energy naturally resonates from this position. The full-lotus is highly counter-intuitive — it looks painful, yet creates the greatest bliss. 20 minutes in the full-lotus is worth 4 hours of any other practice, as per the 80-20 power law of quantum chaos, originating from the tetrad.… So it really pays off to build up to the full-lotus body music.

The full-lotus is really just intense body pressure that releases as a freeing of the spirit. This practice is also shown by the same psychic music healing used by the oldest modern human culture — the Koisan peoples of Africa representing 90% of human history. Here’s how Dr. Richard Katz describes the healing experience of the Koisan:

The entire
camp participates as the men, sometimes joined by women, dance around the singers. As the dance intensifies, n/um (“energy”) is activated in those who are healers, most of whom are among the dancing men. As n/um intensifies in the healers, they experience !kia (a form of “enhanced consciousness”) during which they heal everyone at the dance. The dance usually ends before the sun rises the next morning.

Those at the dance confront the uncertainties of their experience and reaffirm the spiritual dimension of their daily lives. They find it exciting, joyful, and powerful. “Being at a dance makes our hearts happy,” the !Kung say.

While experiencing !kia, one can heal. Those who have learned to heal are said to possess n/um and are called “masters of n/um” or simply “healers.” N/um resides in the pit of the stomach and at the base of the spine. As the healer
dances, becoming warm and sweating profusely, the n/um heats up, becomes a vapor, and rises up the spine. When it reaches the base of the skull, !kia results.