My wife these days experiences acute sinusitis infection that causes her great pain in the face, pushing on her eyes, teeth and cheeks. Although she has started taking antibiotics, she also goes to acupuncture treatment which helped her somewhat during her most acute symptoms.

Yesterday I’ve also done some acupressure treatment on her using point I downloaded from the internet. There were 6 points, 2 on face, 3 on hand and one on the toe. What was really apparent is how strong those points ached her. My first touch on them drew cries of pain from her and the pain only subsided after a minute of pressure. And that was not only from the face points but also from the hand and even the toe.

There was also difference between levels of pain between the left and the right side. Acupressure needs to be done on both sides of the body to be most effective, since all meridians are mirrored in the body on the left and the right sides. Yet, the reaction can still be different. Her left side of the face was aching more due to sinusitis, so I presume that the healing on the left side ached more as well, but it’s just an uneducated guess.

I also experienced the more acute pain when you have a more acute condition. Last week I’ve close to becoming ill with common cold and I was at my regular acupuncture treatment for my leg and back. This time the TCM practitioner also made me a treatment for my cold. When she inserted the acupuncture needles in me at that day, it was much more painful then before, even for points that were used in my regular treatment.

In my opinion the pain in acupoints is one of the (non-scientific) but very logical proves that the acupressure and acupuncture work and the points are not random. One has to experience it to understand how the pain is really an indicator of the acuteness of the underlying health problem.

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