I’m glad to announce my fifth interview for Mind-Enegy.net. Today I’m posting the interview of Bonnie Adam. Bonnie is a Tibeten -Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master, and also does psychic readings. She started reading professionally about 8 years ago. She read for friends for a few years before that. She has been doing Reiki for about 7 years and teaching Reiki and workshops for 3 years. She has an office in lovely downtown Guelph, Ontario, Canada. For more information about Bonnie go to http://www.pathwayshealing.com/. She try to update them frequently, but the kids, the dog, her partner and her business do require quite a bit of attention. Enjoy it.

How have you discovered that you want to be a healer and a psychic? Did you develop your psychic power or was discovered “by accident”?

I have had ‘psychic’ experiences since childhood. I would be aware of spiritual beings, and I would hear things and see things that others did not. It was quite confusing as a child as I would be told by the adults around me that I was imagining things. I eventually seemed to have shut down my abilities, but they returned quite strongly when I was in my late teens.
I would be aware of the spirits, and I would know that they were trying to communicate with me. It took a few years of practice and meditation before I was able to interpret the messages they were trying to send.

I learned about Reiki in 1997. My infant daughter needed surgery and she was in quite a lot of pain. I was guided to use my hands to try and sooth her, and her pain seemed to diminish. Very soon after that I was looking through a continuing education brochure and saw a class on Reiki. When I read the description I knew that I had been trying to do Reiki for my daughter, and signed up!

Why did you study Reiki? What’s special about Reiki?

I studied Reiki at first because of a desire to help myself, my family and my friends. I had been looking for another career direction as well. When I had my first attunement I had a vision of myself as a Reiki Master teaching others and I knew I had found my place.

Reiki is a beautifully simple and effective complimentary therapy for almost any condition. It soothes pain, decreases inflammation, relaxes tense muscles, and reduces stress. I have never had anyone who did not receive benefits from even 5 minutes of Reiki.

The thing I find most amazing about Reiki is the simplicity. There is no way to do harm with Reiki, so it is really one of the only therapies that is 100 % safe.

Why are there so many different Reiki variations?

Reiki is an extremely creative energy. It’s uses are endless. In most places it was also passed down verbally, so variations would naturally develop.
Part of the Reiki philosophy is that all lineages are accepted as valid as long as the intent is for good.

Why only an attunement is necessary for being a Reiki practitioner, while other require development of energy through inner work? Isn’t it a path to “not qualified” practitioners? Isn’t it too easy?

That depends where you train. You can get an attunement over the internet if you wish, but you are not going to get any quality training that way. In most places Reiki is not regulated. So there is a little bit of ‘buyer beware’ as far as Reiki goes. I would suggest anyone looking for a practitioner ask a lot of questions and find out how much training the practitioner has, where they trained and if they are registered with any professional organizations.

I am in Canada and a registered teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association In the United States I would recommend The International Centre for Reiki Training as a quality Reiki organization.

Each level of Reiki is more like an initiation. You are given the attunement and taught the basics of the level. There should be practice time required before moving through the levels if you are learning from a reputable Reiki Master. Students should be offered ongoing support and opportunities for practice.

What other healing modalities have you studied? How do you compare them?\

I do lots of research and read up on other modalities, and I have taken extensive workshops on 3 different kinds of Reiki and other energy work. I am also trained in Learning Path Integrated Technique and Sound Healing.

I have received sessions in quite a few other healing modalities as well.
As for as working with and giving the therapy; to me Reiki is the easiest to learn and send. It also seems just as effective as other therapies I have tried, if not more effective. I have also found it has many advantages even when related to more traditional treatments.

For example, Reiki can relieve a basic tension headache in about 15 minutes. It takes that long for most pain medications to take effect, and they are harmful for your liver and digestion.

It is especially beneficial to anyone who cannot use other methods to help themselves. If a person requires a medication that results in many side effects eg. chemotherapy Reiki can help with the side effects and still not interfere with the medication.
Some people e.g.. fibromyalgia and osteoporosis sufferers have very tight and sore muscles but cannot take the physical stress of a massage, but they can enjoy Reiki, as it is much gentler.

Tell some great success stories from your Reiki practice.

I have seen clients completely change their lives because of their experience with Reiki. I have seen abused women walk away from their partners because of their new-found value for themselves.
I have seen a client with Multiple Sclerosis limp in my door with a leg brace and walk out without the brace. He later called to say he had been on a 3 hour hike that afternoon.

I have clients with MS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, cancer, arthritis, and other debilitating and sometimes chronic problems find relief from their pain. Everyone has experienced relief at varying levels. Some had immediate relief with pain never returning and others had relief for a few hours, or a few days or weeks.
I once stopped a very bad nose bleed in about 20 seconds.
I have insomniacs call back to say they’ve been sleeping like babies. I also have extremely fatigued clients call back to say they have more energy than they know what to do with.

Being a healer, what does it require from a person?

It requires a dedication to keeping yourself centered and clear enough to be an open channel. Daily meditation and lots of self care are essential. You have to be reliable and responsible to the client.

There is sometimes a misconception that a Reiki practitioner or a psychic must be making tonnes of money. In my area most practitioners charge around the same amount as I do. I charge $60 for a new Reiki client, and $50 for a reading. The thing most people don’t know is that we cannot see client after client, day after day.

The maximum number of people I see in a week (Reiki or Readings) is between 8 and 10. That is about all I can reasonably handle in a week. If I work with more clients than that I am not at my best and I cannot do quality work. The Reiki work is a little easier for me, but it is still quite a lot of energy to be in that role of support for a client. The psychic work is very draining for me, so I have to be very careful not to overdo it and schedule accordingly.

Tell about your psychic readings practice.

I read from an oracle deck. The images on the cards speak to me. Particular parts of the cards will draw me in. I also sense the presence of guides and spirits, who will send me information.
I try to send on the information in as pure a form as possible. I just describe the images and repeat the words as I hear them. I will tell people what I think it all means, but I make it very clear that they can interpret the information in whatever way feels right to them.
It is a little intimidating at times. When I do a reading I often feel as if I am watching the whole thing from a distance. Words come out of my mouth and I have no idea where they come from. I rarely remember what I have said to people. People come back weeks, months and years later and tell me that things that I predicted have happened, and it is a little scary.

How do connect to the other side? What do you feel when channelling?

Thanks for that question. I think that people have an idea that psychics just walk around knowing everything and that we are always connected. It’s not that easy.

I have a little relaxation routine that I use to relax and let my mind open. I meditate and try to open my chakra system. Especially my third eye and crown chakras. I shuffle my cards and then I just listen. It takes an enormous amount of trust to let the process happen, and be willing to repeat what you are getting. I often have no idea if I am right, wrong or insane for most of the reading. Most times I only find out afterwards if what I have said has any meaning to the client.

You give aura reading workshops. Do you see auras? Can you teach a person to perceive other’s auras?

I do see auras. But it is similar to the above question. I don’t walk around seeing every one’s aura. I have to focus in and try to see them. The routine is very similar to doing a reading for me.

The funny thing is that I see more with my eyes closed. I will look at a person and then either look at them with my peripheral vision, or with my eyes closed. Then I see the colours off to one side, or with my third eye. Almost like the colours are being projected into my forehead when I close my eyes.

I have taught others to see auras. Some see with their eyes open, and some with their eyes closed like me. Some people may not see the aura right away, so then I will teach them to sense the aura with their hands first, and get them to continue to practice. No one has failed yet.

What goals do you set for yourself as a healer and a psychic?

My first goal is to be of help to people.
I want to see everyone healthy and happy.

I am also very concerned about keeping fees at a reasonable level. These services should not only be reserved for the well-off. I must earn a living as well, but I feel it is possible to do that without charging exorbitant amounts of money.

I find it very important to present my combined professions in a positive and realistic light to the community. I try very hard to earn respect for Reiki as a therapy. I also would like to improve the reputation of intuitive and psychic readers. There are so many good readers out there, but sadly, there are far too many bad/fake ones.

In some ways my greatest goal is to work myself out of a job. Everyone can learn Reiki. It is such a wonderful tool to have at your disposal to help yourself and your family and friends.

I also believe that everyone can learn to be more intuitive. We can all learn to listen to those messages and follow the guidance. My services would not be needed anymore if everyone would open their minds to the possibilities and take the time to learn the skills. It is true, that some of us are born already connected to those abilities, but we could all develop some kind of ability and try to learn to help ourselves.

You have a blog (or two?). Why have decided to write a blog?

I do have two blogs. http://psychicsarepeopletoo.blogspot.com/, and http://www.healinghands-bonnie.blogspot.com/ .

I started the psychic blog because I got a lot of the same questions from people all the time. I just wanted to put the answers somewhere they could be accessible to all. I chose the name ‘Psychics Are People Too’ because I wanted people to know that I am just a regular person. I have a family, I have friends, I go grocery shopping and I clean the toilet. I like to go out on a Friday night. I run my own business and I try to make ends meet.

Healing Hands came about because I felt I could do the same thing there. Answer some common questions, and just let people read about some of my experiences. The whole thing becomes less mysterious when you can read someone’s personal stories.

One of the benefits of writing a blog is that it gives you a place to creatively express your thoughts. It has a therapeutic aspect to it as well.

What were the benefits of getting a blog for your business?

I do, of course, have some hope that people might read my blog and decide to book an appointment with me, or take one of my workshops.

It gives me another forum to communicate with the public. People get a chance to get to know me a bit if they are interested in coming to see me. It’s great when people leave comments and ask questions. I’d love to see more discussion. I also hope that the blog might just put me up a bit on the search engines. I have more sites out there with my name on them.

Thanks, Bonnie for your interview. Read more interviews that I’ve done by clicking on interviews