Profiler, the psychic blogger chic, wrote about doing remote viewing work for the police. In her article "You can’t hide" she tells that psychics are now more and more used by the police to investigate cases.

In the article she quotes an interview she had with a victim of a missing person case, who was killed. From the interview she received the description of the crime, what happened to the body, the name of the killer and more information. She also described how she looked into the scene from the murderer’s point of view for several seconds.

A quote from her interview:

I passed out again, which made him mad, he wanted me to stay awake. He was so mad that he put his hands on my throat and cut off my air. He hit me across the face and told me to wake up. He choked the air out of me, I couldn’t breath and I died. Right there. He was so angry – I watched as he yelled and cursed at me. He was mad that I died before the end of his movie.

Later in the article she also describes what happened to the victim’s soul and how she got help to easy the shock of her death.