Silva UltraMind systems posted a letter written in 1984 to Jose Silva by one man who had a lot of benefit from the system and overcame serious illnesses and conditions, including bad eyesight. The following is an excerpt from the letter:

“Six years ago,” Ed wrote to Jose Silva in 1984, “if you would have told me I would ever be happy and healthy, I wouldn’t have even smiled at the thought – my health was so bad I couldn’t even imagine being well. That was before someone introduced me to Silva Mind Control and the power of the mind.

“When I was born in 1962 I have been told I wasn’t expected to live and if I did, I would have severe brain damage and cerebral palsy. It was later found out, through further examination, I had muscular dystrophy as well. I was also partly deaf, had severely crossed eyes and legally blind.

“The ‘experts’ didn’t give my parents much hope I would ever be able to read or write or function in the ‘outside world’ – ‘outside’ of a state institution. Because of this and my declining health, they didn’t expect me to live for long.

“At the age of 2 I had my first surgery on my eyes to correct my vision and my crossed eyes.

“From 1967 to 1979 I was placed in institutions and special schools and went through several operations on my legs and eyes to try to correct my many problems. But none seemed to really help. My eyesight was getting worse and hearing and speech were getting worse.

“Then in the early part of 1978 a volunteer gave me a book she had been reading. I often looked at books to see how many words I knew. As I read and reread your book (The Silva Mind Control Method) many times, over a period of time I mastered the techniques in the book. At times, I even slept with the book. I wore the book out.

“The doctors couldn’t understand it but my health seemed to be getting better. I did not tell them what I was doing – it’s called ‘programming.’

“First I began walking. In a short time I no longer needed braces for my legs and arms. My hearing was restored as well as my speech.

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