One of the prizes of the Psi Experiments is a DVD from Bradley Gilbert. The DVD, called “Reduce Your Stress, Improve Your Health. Daoist Healing Qigong”. Brad has sent me one of the DVDs for a review. Bradley is a Master of Medical Qigong.

This DVD, produced in 2005, plays for a little more than an hour and is divided into to major parts:

  1. A basic Qigong posture, followed by description and demonstration of 13 exercises (about 43 minutes)
  2. A 20-minute video where the whole exercsise set is performed without narration, with only a background music. As I understand it, this part is a do-along track.

This program is based a healing qigong and is not for learning martial arts qigong. Its purpose is to release the stress and balance your body’s energies. The back of the DVD cover lists the following benefits of the Doaist Healing Qigong:

  • Strengthen your energy
  • Release tension in your body
  • Feel relaxed and invigorated
  • Calm your mind by releasing mental tension
  • Know that you an be proactive in your health
  • Enjoy your life more fully – your health, relationships

The DVD has the following tracks:

  1. Standing Wuji Posture – the posture is the basic standing Qigong posture from which most of the other exercises start and how they end. I know it well from my Qigong lessons.
  2. Pulling Down Heavens – for reconnecting with the energies of heaven and earth
  3. Dredging the Channels – for releasing excess energy
  4. Counter Swing – releasing excess energy
  5. Dropping the Post – centering and grounding
  6. Trembling Horse – shaking the whole body to release excess energy
  7. The Spinal Stretch – stretching and loosenning spinal vertebrae and establishing good flow of fluids and energy in the spine
  8. 5 Yang Tonification – strengthening and regulating the 5 yang digestive organs
  9. Lung Tonification
  10. Kidney Tonification
  11. Liver Tonification
  12. Heart Tonification
  13. Spleen Tonification
  14. Closing exercise – to gather any route any excess Chi into lower Dan Tien area
  15. Daoist Heart Qigong 13 Movements – that second part where all the exercises are shown one after another without narration

The exercises are easy and well explained. And although there’s no booklet coming with the DVD, the voice narrations of the exercises should be enough. The important part is to listen and to implement every direction of the movements and visualizations as they are explained. All exercises are based on the text “Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy” by Jerry Alan Johnson Ph.D., D.T.C.M., D.M.Q. (China). See some screenshots from the DVD below.

The DVD can be purchased from:

Qigong DVD Title Menu:
Qigong DVD Title Menu

Bradley Gilbert
Bradley Gilbert

Wuji posture:
Wuji posture

Qigong exercise

Another Exercise:
Another Exercise:

Shot from the whole sequence:
Shot from the whole qigong sequence: