My son has been ill for several days now. On Thursday he developed fever and we took him to a doctor. After examination the doctor concluded that he had ear inflammation (otitis) and has prescribed some drops to ease it.

On Friday I was driving in my car with a relative and one local psychic healer. She (the healer) studied and now teaches at some very unique courses to develop her ability to diagnose and heal. During the ride I mentioned that my son is sick. She asked what it is. I told her about the otitis.

Two seconds later she tells me that his inflammation is in the throat, on the right side and this inflammation is the source of his illness. I asked he how she concluded that. She explained that when I imagined my son she visualized his problem (she doesn’t know him) and that she saw an inflammation in his throat on the right side.

Several days have passed and yesterday we took him again to a doctor (another one). This one examined him again and told that his ears look ok now but that his throat is very red and there’s a visible inflammation in there.

I asked on what side it was and she said that on the right. She later asked me if I wanted to look and so I saw there a red/white bubble inside the throat on the right side. The doctor said that this is some virus and that it will pass.

Little in my life have I witnessed such a strong evidence of psychic power.

Have you?