Now, that the huge wave of visitors (about 50 thousands) coming to see Shannan and his spoon bending has (mostly) passed, leaving an enormous amount of almost totally negative comments in the relevant posts, I can move forward with more relevant posts.

I’d like to ask you, the visitors, about a theme which I only little touched on this blog, and that’s the topic of psychic readings by mediums. Personally, I haven’t really had a reading done for me, so I can’t tell you my experiences on that but a close relative of mind had a psychic medium supposedly contact with her recently (at that time) deceased husband and did a 3-hour long session with her, passing messages from him to her.

During the session, she first verified the identity of the spirit both by describing him as she perceived him and by passing details of their life. She described the late husband very much the way he looked during his 20ies and also told my relative several details of their life together from the early days, such as the kind of suit he was on the wedding and some details from the structure of their previous home. Of course, none of the details could be known a-priori by the medium since she and my relative weren’t acquainted beforehand. She then passed several more messages related to his death and some other things which she wouldn’t disclose to me.

Overall, this experience had a very positive impact on her and eased her grief in a profound way.

I’d like to know your opinion and your stories on psychic medium readings and overall this issue of life after death and the possible contact with the spirits of deceased people. I’d especially like people to post experienced similar to what I’ve described above. Don’t be shy or uneasy about the topic. Write in the comments to this post.