This is the first part of the promised article about Universal Mind. The article will be published here in several parts, most probably 4. After that I will add it to the articles section and also provide a PDF version of the entire article. You are strongly encouraged to comment and add your thoughts on the subject.

Universal Mind theory


Do you believe in parapsychology phenomena? Have you experienced telepathy? I know you did. It’s when you remembered someone and a moment later he calls you. When you feel from distance that your child feels bad.

Have you heard of Remote Viewingwhere people describe places and events from other parts of the world across time and space? There is vast amount of information on the subject, various techniques, some of which were developed in the US Army.

Have you ever been diagnosed by a psychic healer or heard about such events? I suppose you did. How does he does that? Maybe you were on a Reiki session or similar technique where an unknown energy type is channeled into you to heal you from you maladies.

You just can’t ignore all these phenomena. They are real and they in one way or the other have place in our lives unless you choose to ignore them.

Many psychics and most ordinary people don’t ask themselves how it is all possible. They just accept that some people are born with the abilities and others are not. The psychics just use their gift and ordinary people don’t ask. The fact is that many of the psychics and healers were not born with the ‘gift’ but rather have developed the ability by studying and self improving. Most of them have started to learn after having been in a situation where they observed the possibilities of the human mind.

On the other hand there are people who don’t accept the ‘it just works’ answer and they try to find explanations as to how it works. I am one of them. And although I know that ‘it just works’ I’d like to know more about how it works.

One of the theories to explain some of the psychic phenomena is what I call Universal Mind theory. In this article I’m going to try to explain the theory, present it in various references, speculate on how it works and explain how the Universal Mind can be used.

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