If you think that your life is full of stress and you find it hard to cope with it, you might need to take more action with larger dedication on your part. One of the things that can help with reducing the stress from your life in the long run and teach you how to relax is meditation. Meditation is a practice of the mind where you train yourself to control your thoughts, willpower and emotions.

Some meditation are still – you meditate while sitting, closing your eyes and clearing your mind of distractive thought. Usually, you’d try to concentrate on something specific and hold that thought in your mind. Incorporating visual imagery into the meditation practice is also quite common. Technique #3 – Calming Visualization – is an example of such meditation technique.

Meditation requires dedication and setting time aside for its practice. Its positive effects are both short and long term effective. You will feel better, more relaxed, after a meditation session and in the long run you will behave in a more relaxed manner overall.

Scientific studies have shown meditation to be positive as well. For examples, see:
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Another form of mediation involves movement. Tai Chi, Qigong and yoga can be seen as forms of meditation involving movement. In these practices, the concentration of the mind on the movement and inner body feelings provides the relief from everyday thoughts, thus enabling meditative benefits. Even long running can be seen as a form of meditation.

Invest the time to learn meditation and the yield will be your piece of mind.