DeAna is a well established, UK psychic with clients all over the world. Predominantly, she uses her psychic ability to give people psychic readings over the telephone or via email. DeAna has helped thousands of people over many years. More information on DeAna can be found at her website: where you will also find how to contact DeAna if you would like to use her psychic services.

You are a psychic reader, could you explain what is the service that you

That’s a loaded question, lol. It really depends on the person or organisation and their needs. People consult psychics for different reasons. Consulting a psychic does not interfere with your free will; instead it should provide a little ‘helpful inside info’ and help you to change outcomes and steer your life in the direction you want to go, avoiding problems where ever possible. People from all walks of life can and do consult psychics from Priests to MD’s. It is a common misconception that only women use psychics, more and more men are feeling comfortable about consulting psychics too.

I never claim to be a medium (although sometimes messages and information come through, but I cannot and will not try to guarantee to contact a departed relative). Some people call looking for proof of survival, people coming to me looking to contact the departed are told I cannot guarantee or force it. To offer an analogy: you cannot just telephone a friend at anytime, guarantee they will be home and want to talk, so the same same applies to talking to those who have passed over. It’s really up to the person that is past, if they can/will decide to communicate. This cannot be forced.

Some people come for information about what is likely to happen in the near future- or for clarification on something from the past. Many clients tell me they use me as ‘a year planner’. They have a reading covering their year ahead and build around what information I give them. Problems with partners, lost people and pets, business choices…the list is endless really- a few come just for fun or because they are so sure skeptical about psychic ability and they like to check you out. I get asked to perform many different services. If I feel in anyway a person would be better off consulting a doctor, counsellor or other professional- I will refer them as appropriate.

How have you become a psychic reader?

When I was very young, apparently I startled family and friends by announcing certain facts that I couldn’t possibly have known. I continued to just ‘know’ information that I shouldn’t/couldn’t have. I really didn’t know what to do with it and never had any idea that I would ever use my ‘ability’ in any practical way. I trained in electronics and worked building flight simulators and aircraft navigation controls as a quality control inspector for a company employed by the MOD ( Ministry of Defense), in an extremely large plant. I learnt to keep quiet about my psychic ability (mostly), as it made a lot of people feel uneasy but if I felt something strongly or had important information for someone in trouble, I would cautiously reveal what I knew.

A lady I worked with was dreadfully distraught about a relative who had gone awol. One day she handed me a coffee and I found information about the person flooding in – as she touched me. I gave her the info and the person was located. She was shocked at first and then thrilled and told an awful lot of people! Before I knew it, after a 12 hour shift – 6 days a week, I would arrive home to find people waiting on my doorstep needing a reading. I would often then do several more hours, having little sleep before I had to go back to work again. I never charged anyone. I did this for over two years…then it got to the point when people were arriving at my home (via word of mouth) before I started work too….I was exhausted but I always tried to help if I could.

One day a very no nonsense type of woman turned up at my home not asking but demanding my help! I was a little annoyed at this and was exhausted but as I said…she wouldn’t take no for an answer! I gave her a reading she thanked me and asked what my fee was, she was horrified when I said I didn’t charge. She said “don’t be ridiculous woman, I pay my gardner, my lumber, and my osteopath! You can’t possibly not charge. How do you earn a living or pay bills?

I explained about my job and she squinted and said “Well, you look exhausted and if you spread yourself too thin you won’t do a very good job at either – will you? Now why when you have a gift would you not use it properly? I’m paying you! If I were you, I would think about doing this properly and full time.”

I thought about it for months but when I had so many people arriving that continuing my job became almost impossible, (I was exhausted also) to keep up as well as providing psychic consultations…the transition happened organically.

I had a real problem charging anyone initially but what she said was true: I provide a service and my time and unfortunately… do have bills to pay also. I also took some time out to train in various disciplines that I felt would enhance what I could provide for clients. I trained as a grief/drugs/alcohol/stress counselor, in remote viewing and a few other things I don’t need to mention here.

I do not set out to offer council, but if someone consults me and I pick up on someone who has past over and they become distressed, I needed to know what to do to help them in a practical sense immediately. I also wanted to learn how to spot instantly- people who were vulnerable and shouldn’t be having a psychic reading-and know who to refer them to instead!

You’ve also worked as a corporate psychic. Could you explain what it means? Do you provide better service than a business consultant? Do many businesses use the help of psychics as yourself?

It all started when I had a client telling me about having to fill a position at his company. He had appointed three times and they were all interviewed by a panel. Not one of them lasted the month. He was tired of interviewing and, as a joke, I think, at first he said: “I don’t suppose if I sent you the application forms you would be able to tell me anything about the applicants that might help me, would you?”

I laughed and said it was not something I had ever tried and he was quiet for a moment before asking me if I would give it a go. I agreed but cautioned him it may not be possible. When the applications arrived, to my surprise I found it relatively easy to pick up details about the person who had written the application just by holding the paper for a few minutes. I refused to ‘pick’ the best person for the job, but wrote a paragraph on each applicant outlining their character traits and strengths as I saw it. I didn’t hear anything back for a few months… until I got a frantic call asking me to do it again as it had worked well for the company and they needed me to do it again.

I have since advised/been asked to advise companies on a psychic level on making the workplace feel better to increase productivity, and to give predictions on trends and markets. I only agree to do this infrequently as I prefer to work with people directly rather than corporations. I have no idea how a company rates me compared to any other type of consultant, all I can say is that they do come back to me time and again, so must find what I do useful.

You publish psychic predictions. Aren’t you afraid of being wrong and being discredited for that?

Well to be honest-no. I feel if you claim to be a psychic, you should be prepared to back it up! I stand by the fact that I have proven my psychic information to be accurate and true. I would never tell anyone or publish anything that I didn’t feel was a fact. So far, it’s worked out just fine.

What advice can you give people who seek for a psychic to help them regarding finding a good one and not a fraudulent one. The psychic reader’s field is known for many fraudulent acts.

A lot actually! Just as when you appoint anyone, e.g. a builder or architect, there are the good and the bad out there! I feel we all have a psychic ability to some degree however… if you go to huge companies who claim to have 400 top psychics working for them… I would doubt that claim. You may get a trained Tarot reader if you are lucky, if you are unlucky it’s not unheard off for operators who work on ‘adult’ lines to be taking psychic calls also!!!

Go by recommendation. Try to find a psychic who has proven their ability. Ask for evidence of any claims they make, press cuttings, client testimonials etc. Avoid anyone who offers a few minutes free… that is just a hook to get you to pay. Never be taken in by any ad that says e.g. ’ President of (grand name) psychics association’ these are entirely made, up in the main.

There is no standard body that governs psychics and the chances are that if someone feels the need to bolster themselves up and claim to be the president of a governing body… well lets just say you should ask more about this governing body. Who are they, where are they registered etc. who voted them president, how many members? Also, ask about the psychic’s experience and agree a fee before you start. Go by your own gut instinct, if on talking to a psychic you feel uneasy… don’t go on to have a consultation.

I would also avoid any ads that offer spells or curse removal this is not something you should want to be involving yourself in. I would also look for psychic’s who you can talk to personally, for example I offer psychic readings and you can talk to me, DeAna.

Telephone psychic readers were especially known for having regular people act as psychics and utilizing psychological techniques like cold reading to appear psychic. Doesn’t that bother you, especially since you run your own phone line?

Yes it does bother me as it gives psychics a bad name, however, as I said earlier you can do a lot as a client to minimize the risk. Only use a reputable psychic: check out who you are talking to before hand and don’t call anyone who makes outrageous claims. I opted for working via the phone myself as it actually helped clients feel more at ease and able to trust I was genuine. It also helped me as I know when I’m working by phone and using energy only (not sight) that I’m not mentally swayed by any visual element of a person, their demeanor or persona.

After all, if over the phone by picking up on a voice vibration of a person I can tell them that I pick up for example, their height, hair colour, build and favorite aunt, tastes and even financial details – the client is often then convinced enough that I’m psychic and can relax and we can get on with their reading!

Have you even tried helping the authorities in crime investigations or families to find their loved ones if they were lost?

Yes I have. I am unable to give you any details on this as it is private and confidential, the families concerned have a right to privacy and not all authorities like it known that they will or have consulted a psychic to gain information on any sort of case. So I will never reveal any details of this to anyone for any reason.

What are you thoughts on the wrong predictions of the known American psychic Sylvia Browne in the case of Shawn Hornbeck, where she’s told the parents that the boy was dead and 4 years later the boy was found alive not far from the house, after being kidnapped (see Sylvia Browne and Shawn Hornbeck).

Although I have clients who are based all over the world – I myself am UK based. Here, believe it or not, we still have some ancient witchcraft laws which prohibit psychics from predicting deaths. Those laws are still in place. The reason being originally, it was realised that it may unduly influence a person’s action.

For example, it has been known for witch doctors to turn on a person and tell them they will die in x amount of time, and the person believes it so strongly psychologically that for no actual or real physical/magical reason they do at the aforementioned date… die. They convince themselves it will happen and the mind is a powerful thing.

I strongly feel that such an important and tragic investigation should not have been dealt with on a TV show, in such a trivial manner or publicly either. If in such circumstances a psychic is called upon to provide information on such serious matter, it should be done with care and in a controlled environment – not for popular entertainment. Any psychic is only as good as the way they interpret psychic information that comes to them. A psychic needs to try to remain impartial, and not be arrogant about the information that comes through. They need to be 100% sure they are giving accurate information…or don’t give anything at all.

I cannot speak for any other psychic or comment on what they did or didn’t do on this TV show as I haven’t seen it (but of course I have heard about it), however I will say that some reported psychics seem to be more showmen/entertainers than genuine psychics.

I have to say, that working the way I do, independently, I have the luxury of being able to admit that occasionally during a reading, I cannot pick up any information at all for a person or on an incident. If this happens, I tell the client straight away and thats the end of it. I would not like the unrealistic pressure the entire time of having a TV crew pressuring me to ‘make it happen’ if it doesn’t. It happens (rarely thankfully) that from time – and I don’t know why, that you cannot pick up anything psychic for a person or about an event. I guess that wouldn’t make a very good TV show if that were to happen.

Some psychics (guilty here myself) have taken part in live TV/Media experiments etc. with the intention of helping people understand what a psychic does and to prove they have a genuine ability. I feel there is a huge difference between a psychic who will take part in tests from time to time in the media, and a psychic who wants to be a star and constantly on screen… Lets be thankful for the family and child in this case that Sylvia was wrong.

Would you advice people getting psychics advise them on the subject of personal relationship?

It depends what you hope to achieve. A good and ethical psychic will not ‘spy’ on anyone to help you to be simply be intrusive! They will not provide you with information that will enable you to manipulate a person. An ethical psychic will only impart information that is relevant to you personally. If you can’t bear to hear that he/she is not going to reconcile with you (which may be what a psychic will pick up) then don’t ask – or worse try to badger a psychic into saying that they will return.

If you need to know why your mother in law doesn’t warm to you (and you really don’t know the reason) or you want facts about what why a partner has suddenly gone cold/is not happy/or has left (and you don’t already know) then a psychic can hopefully provide the information helping you understand, chose to not let it reoccur again in the future/move on/ reconcile and or make the relationship better or better next time around. What we don’t have is a magic wand – we cannot wave it and make everything better in this area for you- much as we would like to sometimes.

What happens if you read for someone and your advice turns bad for the person, takes him in a totally wrong direction?

I am not avoiding that question truly but I can’t answer that as it hasn’t been my experience to date. When I provide a reading, unless asked (and some clients will ask and push) I try not to advise, but remain impartial and provide as much accurate information as I can, leaving the client the choice to decide on their actions for themselves armed with that information, they can then choose what they would like to do with it.

The only exception to my rule is if I feel some one or their family is being abused or is in physical danger then I find it hard to remain impartial and do find myself giving advise.

Any closing notes you’d like to add?

People with psychic ability are around you all the time. We shop, have kids, cook and clean, get sick and have the same problems as anyone else in every area of life. Never think that a psychic is all knowing and has a perfect life because they know what’s coming (rarely can a psychic pick up much for themselves) and we certainly don’t know everything.Don’t expect a psychic to be on call 24/7 or in a good mood if you call them consistently at 4am!

Choose your psychic with care, never try to badger them in to telling you ‘what you want to hear’ instead of what they feel to be true for you. (If you don’t like what they say, feel free to disregard it and move on) Bear in mind that we love it when we find wonderful and happy news for you, we are often as affected as you if we don’t too.

Never expect a psychic to remember you or your reading in even a weeks time. I personally go into a bit of a meditative state sometimes and may not even remember what was said even a few hours later.

Do bare in mind – if you’re good friends with a psychic and you ask them something about the future and they don’t want to answer – not to force the issue. They may have very good reason not to answer you (they’re not necessarily being mean), the answer may even involve them in some way on a personal level as they are close to you. A few examples of this for you:

I had two very good single friends a few years ago, who only vaguely knew each other via me. They both independently kept asking me who their future partner would be… I knew they would end up falling in love and married eventually… but feared if I had said anything… they may have thought that I was match making and avoided each other… missing out on a very happy marriage (they have been together three years now).

I was at a party and someone mentioned (a little too loudly) that I was a ‘psychic’ much to the hilarity at the time of a particular skeptical gent who was having none of it. He laughed and baited me for a while saying “Go on then prove it, tell me who my next girlfriend will be”. I was so annoyed by this challenge I stupidly rose to the bait, I actually tried to do a reading for him in the middle of a crowded party, but within seconds felt sick to the stomach and refused to answer… realising to my horror at the time that it was going to be – me. Terrified and not at all happy at the prospect, I skillfully avoided him for about 6 months, (this was no mean feat as he lived only two streets away as it turned out) and inevitably perhaps we bumped into each other again and again… Eventually I realised he was not ‘just the annoying guy at the party’ and we were together for a number of happy years.

A couple I knew once came to see me who had recently lost a child. They viewed themselves as being childless in the future (by choice) as they never wanted to risk going through the loss they had suffered again – not ever. I found it difficult to read for them so declined, as I could see that they would ‘fall pregnant’ via an unplanned pregnancy and find themselves with a child some 11 months in the future. I couldn’t tell them this at the time, it would have hurt them, they were still in shock and grieving. They did have a child within twelve months and he bought them a lot of joy… so much so that they found the courage to go on and provide him with a sister two years later also.

To take the best away with you from any psychic reading, realise: a psychic does not possess a magic wand, that you should not give away your power or free will to anyone. Use a psychic reading to help you to facilitate change and get the best out of your life, chose to use the information you feel to be right for you and disregard the rest. (after careful and honest examination) Only 20% (I estimate) of what any good psychic can tell you is fixed and set in stone and will happen- the rest is fluid and armed with information and free will, it’s YOU who shapes the 80% of your tomorrows.

Thank you, DeAna, for a very interesting interview. Good luck in your work.

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