One of the prizes in the Psi Experiments that I run is Immrama’s Institute’s Insight CD. “This CD utilizes harmonically layered brainwave audio technology combined with soothing sounds of natural rain to help your brain quickly and effortlessly reach extraordinary levels of enhanced performance not normally attainable without years of training” (from the Insight CD back cover).

The CD consists of three tracks, each of them is 24 minutes in length:

  • Track 1, titled “Journey”, guides the mind down from Beta state through the Alpha and Theta states into a deeply relaxed, meditative Delta state.
  • Track 2, Exploration, begins in a Deep Delta and guides deeper to Low Delta.
  • Track 3, Insight, begins in a Deep Delta state and holds the mind in this state the majority of the time, then it gradually guides your mind back up through Theta and into the Alpha.

It is advisable to listen to Track 1 every day, tracks 2 and 3 should only be listened to after track 1, which brings the mind from Beta to the deeper levels.

My experience with the Insight CD was very positive. The sound of the rain is pleasant and masks outside noise, if you’re in a somewhat noisy environment. The power of Immrama’s Insight CD to induce relaxation is great. In a matter of several minutes after listening to the first track, the mind enters a deep meditative state. Sometimes, when laying down, I would pass to sleep or a deeply relaxed state and the will “wake up” a minute before the end of the track. These 24 minutes provide a great amount of relaxation, much better than simply lying down.

The CD includes a booklet that describes the binaural beats brainwave technology and instructions on using Insight CD.

My verdict – highly recommended. You can read more and purchase Insight from Immrama’s institute’s website.

Immrama Institute also offers another 2-CD set, called Focus. Read the review at Immrama Focus 2-CD set review

Immrama Insight CD

UPDATE March 2018: Since it looks like Immrama went out of business, I’m attaching the scanned booklet for “Insight”, in case you can find the sound files but need the instructions. See the booklet here.