A reader, Marc, wrote me the following story, asking to help him with explanation. I’m asking you to share your thoughts as well. Here’s what Marc wrote:

I was wondering if there is any documented paranormal phenomenon related to what my girlfriend has experienced.

About 6 months ago, her german shepard was in very bad health. The dog had a bad hip and was in pain every day. The last 3 weeks of the dogs life, my girlfriend started to feel extreme pain in her hip as well, to the point of limping. I thought there may have been a connection, but kept my mouth shut.

Finally, the family put the dog down. So I ask my girlfriend a few days later if she has had any pain the last few days to which she replied, No. I then explained to her what I thought.
She is a person who has had paranormal experiences in the past (ghosts and what not), some that I’ve even seen.

She also has had a very serious case of allergies and just general bad health lately, while i’ve ejoyed pretty good health. I spent my life in and out of hospitals my whole childhood and now as an adult I usually get sick a couple times each winter, but not this one.

It seems that she, almost, adopts the illnesses on those she cares about most and they become her own. It sounds pretty close to what people call a “sensitive” but not quite. What do you think.


I think that “sensitive” is not the exact wording I’d use. Generally, in this field people like these are called “empaths”. I must note that Marc’s story very much reminded me of Jackie’s story, also posted on the site at Feeling other people’s pain. In my response to her I also explained what being empathic means. Marc, you are invited to read her story and my response to her, with what other people wrote there, too.