Steve Pavlina has posted an entry on his weblog where he gives tips for manifesting money as part of his Million Dollar Experiment. In this post he explains that money can be ‘found’ just by manifesting the intent of receiving it.

The idea is that by announcing your intent to receive money and putting your mind to it will somehow make the money to start appearing in your life. In the post he describes his personal story with money manifistation. He started from manifesting pennies and he notices that he started to constantly finding pennies on the ground. After some time he ‘increased’ his intend into larger coins and so it was that he had found nickels and quuarters. Later he introduced his wife to the system. Here’s a quote for Steve’s article:

"When my wife and I would go out on dates during this time, I’d demonstrate my new "power" to find coins anywhere we went. Then she became "infected" too and started finding coins with me. One time after I found a penny, she said, "Wait a minute. Why are we focusing on pennies here? I want to manifest a dollar". Later during that same date as we walked back to our car, she found a dollar bill in good condition lying flat on the ground in the parking lot – it was directly on the way to our car. We were stunned to say the least."

Although I find the story of Steve interesting I know that it can actually be done on personal experience, and not only with coins (or bills). When I was younger, about the the ages 12 to 14 I was constantly amazed at the power of the belief and intent to ‘receive’ things. At that time, as a child, I was collecting different unimportant stuff. When I wanted to find something that I collected I would say a short prayer with the intent of finding what I wanted, and usually there it was.

In one more original event I needed a small amount of money to buy something that my grandmother asked me to bring. And I was saying the same little prayer with the intent to somehow solve the situation. On my way to the shopping center a resting soldier stopped me and asked me to buy something for him. He gave me a small amount of money to buy this. I accepted, went to a nearby shop, bought what he wanted and brought it to him. There was a small amount of change left after I bought all the stuff. I intended to return it to him but he insisted I keep to myself. So I did. To my great surprise that was the exact amount of money I was short in the beginning, so I went on and bought for my grandmother what she had asked for.

So, don’t throw away your belief and tell the world that you want to pull money into your life.

Link to Steve Pavlina’s article.