Today I’m glad to present you an interview with Erin Pavlina. Erin has started doing psychic readings professionally around a year ago, after life full psychic experiences from her childhood. Erin also writes a lot about her knowledge and stories on her blog. Enjoy the interview.

Your path to becoming a psychic medium is quite interesting. You’ve had mystic experiences in your childhood and adolescence and then you dropped all this altogether only to return years later. Could you briefly tell how it started in the childhood and what were the reasons for these changes at the different stages of your life?

I started telling people I had ESP and could read their minds when I was just 4 years old after a barstool fell on my head, cracking open my skull in the third eye area. I will probably never know if the accident had anything to do with my abilities, but the two events were very coincident. It started out as knowing about things before they happened. I would tell my parents something was going to happen and either a few hours later or a couple of days later it would. I was a very intuitive child and often knew what people were thinking.

During my teen years things really kicked up a notch. I started studying dreams for a science fair project and from there learned how to have lucid dreams whenever I wanted. Three years later I began astral projecting and became really proficient at that. It was at that time I started encountering negative energies. Although most of my psychic experiences were positive, there were too many negative experiences that started affecting my psychic health. I also started having premonitions of accidents and deaths and frankly, it freaked me out when they came to pass. So as I entered college I decided I didn’t want to be “weird” anymore and tried to turn it all off. I was largely successful except that I began having spirit communication in my dreams. Deceased relatives would come to me in my dreams and tell me things that were going to happen. I could live with that though.

When I was in my mid-twenties I met my future husband, Steve Pavlina. He was interested in some of my experiences and encouraged me to explore them again. With maturity came the ability to handle the experiences. I slowly began opening myself up again. But it wasn’t until January of 2006 at the age of 36 that I discovered I could improve my abilities consciously. I finally stopped running from my abilities and discovered I could extend my abilities to helping others. And a psychic medium was born.

Your husband, Steve Pavlina, has started to write about his psychic development about the same time that you’ve started your blog. Who has influenced whom in your family?

Steve began having a lot of psychic experiences after he met me. I taught him how to have lucid dreams. From there he had some astral experiences though he is not nearly as proficient as I am. He’s very open to trying new things so his abilities progressed somewhat naturally, though I wouldn’t say he is consciously working on them. At the I Can Do It! Seminar in 2006 he experienced giving a total stranger a psychic reading and connected with a woman’s deceased uncle. That surprised him. He dabbles in things here and there but he is not pursuing this path professionally.

Steve influenced me in the courage department. He was very supportive of me starting a blog about paranormal and spiritual topics. He bolstered my confidence in my abilities and helped me decide to start doing readings professionally. So in that way he has been instrumental in my “coming out” as a medium and certainly in my success in this field.

You’ve had much experience with lucid dreaming. Although lucid dreams are not considered to be paranormal do they lie on the path to spiritual growth, in your opinion? Or is it only a skill that one can develop? What is Lucid Dreaming good for?

True, I wouldn’t consider lucid dreaming to be paranormal in nature. The biggest benefit of mastering lucid dreaming, however, is that you gain the ability to locate your consciousness. Being able to stay conscious in an unconscious state is truly an amazing experience, and in that way it does help in your spiritual growth. Once you’re able to initiate consciousness in your dreams you can actually take that into your waking life. It’s surprising how many people are asleep while they are awake; going through the motions in their daily lives with nary a conscious thought about what they should or should not be doing. Once you’ve experienced turning on your consciousness in a dream, you can turn it on while you’re awake too. In the same way that you can take control of your dream while you’re asleep, you can take control of your life while you’re awake. It’s very empowering.

Anyone can learn how to lucid dream. It just takes practice and patience. My podcast on Lucid Dreaming over at Steve’s site has a step by step process to learn lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is a lot of fun. I regularly program the kind of dream I want to have, so sometimes I plan a fun evening with a hot celebrity, or don my cape and kick it X-Men style against the Sentinels. You haven’t lived until you’ve shot lasers out of your hands and flown at the speed of light Superman style. ☺

In your blog you’ve told a lot about Astral Travel and your experiences with it. Your stories are detailed and fascinating but they are so hard to believe in for a “regular” human person. Is there really another dimension where only the spirits live and we can access it in our life? Aren’t these only dreams, maybe lucid ones?

Astral projection is very hard to believe until and unless you’ve done it yourself. Once Steve had his first experience (which terrified him) he understood immediately the difference between a lucid dream and the astral world. There’s no mistaking it.

In a lucid dream you are still in the dreamscape, inside your own mind, like a playground of your own design. Once you go astral, however, you enter a plane where other conscious beings wander. You can’t control what they do like you can control the dream characters in a lucid dream. In a dream, you are asleep. In astral projection you have left your body behind while your astral body (and consciousness) go traveling about.

Lucid dreaming can help you learn astral projection, however, since locating your consciousness is the first step to going astral.

You wrote a lot about the topic of spirit guides. Does everyone have a spirit guide? Should everyone try to contact them? Are they “living” in the astral plane?

Everyone has spirit guides. But first I like to talk about the higher self. Your higher self is the part of you that is left behind in the ether that contains all of your experiences (past, present, and future). Your higher self helps create the life you’re going to have. As part of that plan, your higher self enlists the aid of other spirits in the ether to act as your guides. Some guides you have for life, while others will pop in periodically to handle certain events or certain situations in your life and then leave. Spirit guides are usually not your deceased relatives. Spirit guides are other entities that have expertise in certain areas, or experience in certain areas, who are qualified to help guide you in those areas while you are incarnated. They do not live in the astral plane. They are in the ether, or Heaven, or the 4th dimension, or in essence, where you go when you die here on Earth, whatever you want to call it.

You don’t ever need to be in conscious contact with your spirit guides, but I find it extremely helpful to have access to the ones guiding you, the ones who are looking at your master plan and trying to help you achieve it. It’s like being able to check in with someone who is holding the master plan. Saves time, saves anguish, saves running down a corridor in your maze that is just a dead end. But no, you can live your entire life without ever knowing or speaking with your guides. It’s not necessary.

A year ago you’ve started to provide psychic readings for people. What led you to the decision to start doing this?

In January 2006 I got a push (more of a shove really) from my spirit guides. I’d been going on for years about wanting to help bring the planet back to a state of love, peace, harmony, and compassion, but since I didn’t know how to accomplish that I always figured I would start “someday.” My guides basically told me that someday is now and that having the intention and taking action would get the ball rolling. Trust was a huge part of what happened to me. I reopened my heart chakra, dusted off my third eye, and got busy reconnecting with my higher self and my spirit guides. Shortly after I committed to my new path, doors opened fast! The Criss Angel Mindfreak show contacted me and told me they were looking for a medium who could go through a haunted house and talk to the spirits there. Three days before the call one of my guides told me they wanted me to go to the haunted house. I thought it was a metaphor for something else, but when the show called and told me they wanted a medium to go to a haunted house I knew I was supposed to do it. Doing the Criss Angel show gave me the courage to “come out” publicly since the show was going to “out” me in a few months. So I started working very hard to improve my abilities. I started out by giving free readings to dozens of people. That went extremely well, so in June of 2006 I officially began doing readings professionally. Business boomed shortly thereafter.

What have you learned during this year?

I’ve probably learned enough to fill a book in this last year. My abilities improved the more I used them. My guides taught me better ways of connecting with the guides and higher self of the people I read for. I learned how important it is to ask the Angels to assist me during readings. I met and acquired new spirit guides devoted expressly to helping me do readings. I’ve learned that there are lots of people out there with psychic abilities but they don’t know what to do with them, or are afraid to use them. I’ve learned a lot about different levels of consciousness and how that affects my ability to read for people. I’ve connected with deceased people on the other side, which is something I was never able to do growing up. Sure, I was able to chat with my own dead relatives, but I didn’t know I could chat with someone else’s dead relatives! I’ve learned a lot about how people cross over and that there are different stages of crossing over. And mostly I’ve learned that psychic abilities can be improved with practice and effort and a sincere desire to help others.

On a more practical note, on what questions people should not consult psychic mediums? For example, the question of family and relationship. Would you advise people on these subjects?

You should feel free to ask a psychic any question. Sometimes the guides will give you a straight and direct answer, and sometimes they won’t answer a question because they want you to figure it out on your own. Basically, they won’t chew your gum or tie your shoes for you. I’ve had clients who get specific financial advice and others who don’t get anything specific. There is a reason the guides present answers to you the way they do and I am not always privy to the reasons why. I am just the conduit and I tell people what the guides tell me.

One thing I always tell people is not to ask the question unless they’re open to hearing the answer. I had a woman ask me if she should marry her fiancé. Her spirit guides told me why she shouldn’t and I told her. She got really upset and said, “Ask them again. That can’t be right.” I never lie to people and I will answer any question I am posed. But you may not always like the answer.

But I do answer a lot of questions regarding relationships and family. That’s a subject most people ask about. It can really save you some time if you find out the guy you’re dating is not “the one” and that you’re headed down a dead end corridor.

The guides never tell people what they should do. They only tell people what will happen if they continue down a certain path, or if they switch and take a different path. You have free will and are free to go down any path you want.

Where can a psychic medium help people the most?

A psychic will connect with your higher self and spirit guides. When I tune in it’s like I get shown your master plan. I can see what you intended for yourself before you incarnated so I can pass this information on to you. This can save you years of soul searching and making bad decisions that don’t lead where you want to go. Utilizing the services of a psychic can help you get clarity on what to do next in the area of career, relationships, finance, spirituality, etc.

A medium connects with deceased loved ones. Not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums are psychic. Most of my clients want psychic advice, but some people come to me because they want to make sure their deceased relatives are okay or they want to get a message from them. Most of the time I can connect with the person they are looking for, but sometimes they don’t come through. I can’t make a deceased relative show up for a reading; I can only ask if they are available and if they want to communicate with my sitter. For reasons I don’t totally understand yet, some deceased relatives choose not to come through and some of them don’t have the energy to connect with me. It takes a lot more energy for me to connect with a deceased relative than a spirit guide or higher self who knows how to tune themselves into my energy. I put out the antenna and see who shows up.

What about responsibility? Could it be that people asking for your advice end up worse than they were before as a result of the reading? Aren’t you sometimes afraid of being accused of ruining people’s lives?

I make it clear to my sitters that they are free to accept or reject the information they get in a reading. This is why I and the guides never tell people what they should do, only what will happen if they take a certain path. Responsibility always lies with the individual no matter what a psychic tells you. I’ve had situations where 3 months after a reading someone will write to me and say, “I was really upset when you told me my fiancé was cheating on me, but you were right. I found out a month ago and I’ve broken off our engagement. I wish I had listened when you first told me.”

I am not afraid of being accused of ruining someone’s life. The guides give people options, not commandments. I think it’s very empowering to know where your choices will lead and to make your decisions with all the knowledge you can acquire. Part of the joy in what I do is getting feedback from someone who followed the advice their guides gave them and are happier and more fulfilled than they were before.

Continuing the previous question, what are you thoughts on the wrong predictions of the known American psychic Sylvia Browne in the case of Shawn Hornbeck, where she’s told the parents that the boy was dead and 4 years later the boy was found alive not far from the house, after being kidnapped? Here’s a known psychic medium who gave a totally ruining reading to the parents.

I don’t know all of the details surrounding her prediction so I can’t really comment on the prediction itself. But I’ve heard Sylvia herself tell people that she is not right 100% of the time. When psychics get information we often have to interpret what we’re seeing. I’d say that in the above case the information coming through may have been genuine but the interpretation by the psychic was wrong. And that’s something that obviously people need to know. If a psychic tells you something and it just feels totally wrong, reject the information. It may be that time will prove the psychic right, or time will prove the psychic made a mistake. Again, you can give up control of your life to a psychic but you can never give up responsibility. The ultimate decision is always yours.

In a field full of frauds and pretenders what would you advise to a person looking for advice from a psychic medium? Can one choose the real one before he spends real money? How should one approach the subject of getting advice from a psychic?

Try to get a referral from someone who has seen the psychic before. I’ve done readings for people who have then referred their entire family to me because they know I’m good. And I have a lot of repeat business from people who check in with me occasionally to find out what’s next on their path. I totally discourage people from becoming psychic junkies, however. If you can’t make a move without consulting your psychic you should stop seeing the psychic and get in touch with your personal power. I don’t allow people to use me as a therapist or to book with me too often. I tell people to only come back for another reading when they have a major choice to make and they want more information about where the choices will lead, or if they want clarity about a situation they feel unsure about.

Fraudulent psychics and charlatans will give you very vague information or tell you that you have a curse around you or your aura is black and for $200 they can fix it. Avoid them like the plague.

When I’m reading for people I often teach them how to connect with their own guides so they can skip me, the middle man, and communicate directly to their guides and higher self. I feel that part of my goal is to teach others how to connect with their own intuition so they can run their lives more efficiently and spiritually without needing a psychic to tune in for them.

What are your plans for the coming year regarding your career and personal development?

I’m going to produce an audio program that will instruct people on how to increase their own intuitive abilities, connect with their higher self and spirit guides, and explore their own paths so they’ll have no need to consult a psychic. But I’ll still be around for those who don’t want to expend the time and effort it will take to develop these abilities.

I’m also looking into doing workshops on psychic development locally.

Being a psychic medium and knowing all you know about life and death, with your husband sharing your view, how do you approach the education and development of your children? Do you talk or intend to talk to them about these subjects? Will you try to develop these skills in them?

I’ve had interesting discussions with my daughter (currently 7 years old) about what happens when we die. She is very comfortable with the idea and knows that death is not something to be feared. But I’ve also taught her how important it is to complete her life plan and her mission for incarnating. As she gets older I’ll help her communicate with her higher self, guides, and angels. We’ve already begun teaching her how to meditate. My son, who is almost 4, shows more signs of having the same abilities as I do, but time will tell. At the very least when my kids tell me they saw grandma floating above their covers at night I won’t tell them it was just a dream. ☺

Any closing notes?

It was a pleasure doing this interview. I appreciate the opportunity to share what I do with others. Readers of my blog know that I often describe my process in detail so that others can do this work too. I want to awaken the lightworkers out there, infuse them with some courage, and get them out there working their light. I consult often with people who want to become professional psychics. I find great joy in helping people get moving on their paths.

Thanks, Jacob.

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