The third psi experiment was the best experiment so far, if judging by its design. The results for the data gathered so far, though, show no signs of psi effect from a statistical significance point of view. There were a total of 6417 trials (card guesses) The simple tables below summarize the results. The first one shows the number of guesses based for each card color:

Card Color Guessed Not Guessed Grand Total
Black 1570 1651 3221
Red 1648 1548 3196
Grand Total 3218 3199 6417

The second table shows correct and wrong guesses by gender.

Gender Correct Wrong Grand Total
Female 1517 1475 2992
Male 1701 1724 3425
Grand Total 3218 3199 6417

Since the data gathered so far did not show any evidence for psi, from statistical point of view, further analysis was not performed. The experiment is still running, so you can still take part in it. If you have ideas for additional experiments that can be implemented over the web, I’ll be glad to hear your suggestions.