In August 2006 I wrote about an amazing video in the post Amazing video of the power of chi. This video is an excerpt from a documentary movie called “Ring of Fire”, shot in Indonesia. During the filming, one of the crew members got some problem with his eyes and was treated by a local healer using acupuncture, but different than regularly used. Then, the healer demonstrated his powers on the crew by “shocking” them with what felt like electrical charges from his hands or abdomen. The most shocking part of the footage is where he puts a newspaper on fire, allegedly only using his Chi energy. It is very famous footage and you can see it below:

A few days ago, drew hempel, who wrote some articles for this site, including You Can’t Fake The Full-lotus! Testimony of a qigong practitioner in the context of parapsychology, posted in comments a link to another video of the same person, done much later by brother of the crew member above. In this new footage, the brother tells more about the story and brings 3 people with him from the US to “check” this man’s claims and see his abilities. This footage is a must see as the man performs some amazing feats under pretty controlled conditions:

I’ve taken some time to look up this man and it seems he’s become quite famous since his brief and chance appearance in the “Ring of Fire” documentary. His name is John Chang (or John DiJang) and he is a direct heir to an ancient lineage of sages called the Mo-Pai. After the “Ring of Fire” was aired in the west, many people went looking for this man. One of these people was Kosta Danaos from Greece. He found John Chang and has asked him to be his teacher. Apparently, about a hundred people came to Chang to ask to become his students but he only accepted five and Kosta was the second.

In 2000, Kosta Danaos published a book, called The Magus of Java: Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal where he tells about John Chang, his system (called neikung or Nei Kung). The book has some great reviews on Amazon and other sites and the first review on amazon is by Cynthia Sue Larson whom I interviewed for this site in May 2006 (see Interview with Cynthia Sue Larson). Cynthia is also a Top-500 reviewer on Amazon and hosts the great site Reality Shifters. Based on her review I decided to order the book from Amazon myself. This all is getting more interesting as I learn more.