Atheism guide on recently posted an article titled Why Do Some Treat Parapsychology as a Science?. In this article Austin Cline asks the question if parapsychology should be treated like a science or pseudoscience. He writes that supporters do treat it like a science and you can study it in some universities around the world. Then, there are two paragraphs from his articles that I’d like to quote:

Most of mainstream science completely ignores parapsychology, at least when not criticizing it. It’s almost unheard of for mainstream science journals to publish peer-reviewed papers on parapsychology. Funding for research doesn’t come from the usual sources — parapsychologists must rely upon private donors or from other institutions already in the field.

Claims of psychic powers present a problem for traditional science because they imply the existence of powers which are not merely unknown to science, but which in fact contradict well-established scientific laws and understandings of how the universe works. This does not mean that claims of psychic powers are necessarily false, but rather than their existence is a priori unlikely.

He then concludes with the usual note of “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof”.

Do you think that parapsychology is a real field of science?