I wanted to write about Psi-wheel for some time and now that Pete sent his Jar and pendulum exercise and asked me to write about the Psi Wheel exercise, here some info on that.

But, first, what’s the psi wheel and why it’s interesting. So, psi wheel is a simple construct that can be built by anyone at their home using just plain paper and a needle. What makes it special is that its design makes it very light. And the general presumption is that it easier to influence light things using telekinesis than heavy things. In that sense psi wheel is even better that the pendulum in jar that Pete proposed, since it’s even easier to move. And this is one of the reasons why telekinesis proponents and want to be’s like to use it. The problem with it, though, is that it’s too easy to influence a psi wheel using regular means, like air currents, and that’s what I personally don’t like about it.

The instructions to construct the psi wheel are as follows (from Wikipedia entry on psi wheels):

There are several designs for the shape of the psi wheel, but the most common is an inverted funnel-shaped pyramid. This psi wheel shape may be constructed by creasing a small (around 2 inch by 2 inch) square of paper or foil lengthwise, height-wise, and diagonally both ways, then bending the square slightly along the creases to reach the desired shape.

Another common type of psi wheel is in the shape of a cross made out of a thin sheet of metal such as aluminum or brass. The arms of the cross are anywhere from 1.25 to 2 inches in length, with a small dimple in the middle so that it can be balanced on something sharp.

This wheel then balances on a small, pointed object such as a thumbtack, needle, or pen cover firmly planted on a flat surface. An object such as a thumbtack or pen cover can stand on its base by itself, however an object such as a needle will need to be rooted in another stable object such as an eraser, sponge, or bottle cap in order to provide it with enough stability to hold the spinning wheel on its tip. Sometimes such psi wheels are placed within small glass or plastic containers to prevent random bursts of air from causing spurious movement of the wheel.

That’s a video which shows the construction:

Trick To Improve Telekinesis – PSI Wheel – More free videos are here

A very interesting story that appeared on the net regarding the psi wheel starts with the video called: The best psi wheel video: PsiWheel Under a Glass Container 2. Take the time to watch it (it can’t be embedded on the page, so you have to go over to google to see it). When I saw this video it looked pretty convincing to me, even though, not too much but yet it’s one of the best, really. First, the man covers the psi wheel (uncovered psi wheel is totally useless to demonstrate TK, since it can be moved with just the air flow caused by heat coming from the hands) and he shows that it can’t be influenced by outside wind or magnets. He then successfully rotates it with different speeds and in different directions with his hands far away from the psi wheel.

The story is interesting since the person who performed the video was like a double agent. He is a skeptic and wanted to prove the believers wrong by producing a very credible looking video and then later revealing that it was a fraudulent movie. So he did. His revealing story can be read here.

What very interesting in his article is that although he showed the proponents that it’s possible to make a movie that looks very real, he was also very mad at the skeptics on the forum there, since they (without knowing that it was a fake video) also made assumptions why the video was fake and were very sure of them although none of them guessed the real trick behind the movie. So, the movie producer writes there:

…every single one of the hard-headed skeptics who blatantly talked sh## about the video were just as “stupid”, “ignorant”, and “gullible” as the believers they labeled as such, and perhaps even more so because at least the believers had a video on their side (a relatively convincing one at that), where as the skeptics had nothing but this unfounded arrogance in themselves by thinking, without question, that they “just knew” it was fake AND HOW it was faked. Like I had said many times in the midst of these debates, I was in a unique position to know just how full of sh## these people really were. They all thought they were so smart lol.

So, if you want to learn moving the psi wheel, go ahead, build one and try to move it. But my advice would be to start with something harder but something that would not be so unreliable for a psi test. The Pendulum and Jar exercise is much better in my opinion, since that setup is a bit more robust.

If you want to read more about psi wheels, see:
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