An article in is describing a new ‘wonder’ 15-year old boy in southern Nepal who has been meditating now for 6 months straight without food, water or anything else. He’s been sitting under a pipal tree just like the historical Buddha was sitting for 49 days before reaching his enlightenment.

Of course, there’s a lot of motion around this ongoing event and a lot of pilgrims from India and Nepal started to gather around the place, creating a buzz and a market.

The question that interest me most is how does he manage to live without food or water for so long. In what kind of state his mind and body are that there’s virtually no metabolism going on in his body? Where does he get the energy he needs to live?

Update: There’s an article on BBC.

Update: I have contacted a person regarding this event and received a reply.
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Another update: Another update on meditating boy in Nepal

Latest update: The nepalese meditating ‘Buddha’ boy has disappeared