I came upon an interesting story of a Sharon Neill, aged 42, from UK. She’s blind from birth and appears to be one of the more known psychic mediums in the UK. An article in Daily Mail describes her amazing story of discovering her psychic abilities in the childhood and their later development. Her talent seems to be mediumship, contact with the dead.

Apparently she’s been helping the UK police on several occasions of missing persons. She could see and experience what the victims saw, where and how they were killed. She would then inform the police, often helping them to discover the body or the murderer. She tells several interesting cases from her “career”, including this first one:

…Her name was Marie Payne and it was thought she had been abducted. As I listened to the reporter’s voice I felt as if a scene from a film was being projected on to a screen in my mind. As I watched, the image of a silver car appeared, followed by outhouses and derelict buildings, a forest area and a lorry or van.

The little girl’s fear swept over me as if I were in her mind sharing her emotions, and the sensation of being in unfamiliar and hostile surroundings filled me with her dread.

Visualising a place I had never been to was a shock, but to be so tuned into what seemed to be the emotions of this child was terrifying and fascinating. I remembered thinking I was able to tune into my friends’ thoughts at school, but this was different. I didn’t know the girl, yet I had never received images with such clarity…

… Once at the police station, I was asked if I was prepared to go through my story again while hooked up to a lie detector. I told them what the girl looked like and that she was very scared. I could see the man holding her and gave a description of him and the concrete, windowless building she was being held in.

“Can you give us the man’s name?” they pressed. “I can only see initials,” I replied, “C and E.”

Tragically, Marie’s body was later found in Epping Forest in an area that matched my description. A man named Colin Evans was convicted of her abduction and murder…

There are more interesting stories in the article. Sometimes it makes you really wonder what’s really going on in the world.

Another famous blind clairvoyant was Vanga Dimitrova (Baba Vanga) from Bulgaria