There are a lot of references to Universal Mind in the literature. One area where there are a lot of references is the personal improvement or personal development field. Many current authors state that if one wants success in business, personal life or some other field he should use the help of the Universal Mind. Of course, different authors use different names for this and different explanations of why it would work.

One such person is the famous Brian Tracy. In his book, called ‘Maximum Achievement‘ where he wrote almost everything there is to his method, a whole chapter is devoted to this subject. (Chapter 6 – The Master Power). In this chapter Brian calls this “superconscious mind”. He also refers to Napoleon Hill calling “infinite intelligence” , where all knowledge of human race is. He even refers to the “Universal Mind” name as one of the possibilities for naming this phenomena. He even states that all of the previous chapters in this book were to prepare for this chapter. I highly recommend to read this book, if for this chapter alone.

Another book that mentions Universal Mind for business success is ‘The one minute millionaire‘ by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen. There, in this book, the authors suggest releasing thoughts of the personal goal into the “infinite network”. That, in turn, will influence other people and events in such a way, so that it will coincide with the goal that one has put into the thought released into the infinite network.

Of course, the Jose Silva method has extensive use of ‘external consciousness’ levels, which allow one to tap into a global knowledge field to receive answers to personal questions or to remote view other people’s health problems and other uses, like influencing another person through that ‘external consciousness’.

Lately, I have also seen publications and heard about physics scientists who work in the quantum mechanics field who state that quantum mechanics can explain a lot of the phenomena where expectations create reality and where everything is interconnected.

My conclusion is that more and more people in the general public are now accepting and even teach others about the availability of the Universal Mind and its practical uses for the personal benefit and for the best of humanity.

Learn to use it wisely and for the benefit of all.

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