This story started back in the end 2005, when I started to follow it. It’s about a 15-year old boy(at that time), Ram Bahadur Bomjom , who according to news, was already meditating for 6 months straight at that time. My original report of him appeared in article: A boy in Nepal has been meditating for 6 months. The boy was, supposedly, meditating for all that time without eating or drinking. He was called The Buddha boy by the locals, since he was sitting meditating under a pipal tree for such a long time in around the same geographical region. Thousands of people visited his meditation site at that time.

Then, around February 2006, after 9 months of meditation the Buddha boy disappeared. There were some speculations that he was kidnapped but it turned out to be false. In December 2006, now 16-year old boy reappeared. Now, there seems to be some renewed interest in him, after he appeared before a crowd and preached. Source writes that his message was: “The only way we can save this nation (Nepal) is through religion.” Well, I waited for more a man meditating for such a long period of time.

It’s interesting how his story will continue from here.