Michael Tymn writes an interesting blog. Most his articles deal with the subject of life after death, mediumship, etc. His latest post on the blog deals with the question of why do mediums struggle with names during a reading. Frankly, I thought of this myself. It seems that mediums can know very good some complicated details of your life, yet can’t properly name you relatives. Sometimes they’ll just offer the first letter or two. He explores several cases, incuding an answer channelled trough a medium:

Etta (the spirit) also explained to her brother that it was much easier to send ideas to Feda (spirit guide of the trans medium) than it was to send words. She said that she could not get her husband’s name, Whitfield, through Feda. “Is it not strange that I cannot say my husband’s name?” she communicated. “I can feel it, but cannot say it; that is, I cannot get it spoken. I get it on the surface, so to speak, but cannot get it into the medium’s mind.” At a sitting four months later, Etta again attempted to get her husband’s name through, but only succeeded in getting Feda to say to say, “Wh-, Whi-, Wht-.”

Etta further told her brother that the more she tried to think on the name, the more difficult it was to get it through the medium’s brain, adding that she could not control the medium’s power of expression. “One may get a word into her mind and yet be unable to make her express it,” she explained. “Because it is in the mind it does not follow that her brain will take it. Unless the ideas in the mind are tapped on to the actual brain one cannot express them.”

This also reminds me what medium Marcel Cairo told that it looks to him that the spirits use medium’s mind to communicate, using his worldview. And that’s it’s not a clear text, rather ideas. Interesting read.