Megachi Pendant

I’ve seen this press release about a new pendant. Here’s the headline: “Gold Plated MegaChi™ Pendant Protects Wearer’s DNA From Negative Affects from EMF’s (Electro-Magnetic Fields) when Using Cell-Phones According to Dr. Glen Rein Study”. Wow. What a cool thing. It’s even beautiful, just look at the picture. But, personally, I have so many problems with it and with other devices that tell you that they’ll protect you from cell phone radiation or with devices which have the word Chi in them. This particular devices seems to be the best of both worlds, so to speak.

Another excerpt from the press-release:

Mary A. Thomas, Director of Marketing of the MegaChi™ Pendants for Worldwide Distribution, herself a Master, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and author, had this to say “I have spent roughly 37 years studying and working with God’s Divine Energy Transference Healing. I have never before come across anything that has the potential for doing so much good for a person, on so many levels of being, and with so many possible applications. Now scientifically proven to help protect the wearer from negative affects from EMFs, with Its capability to help restore and heal the body from damage already done, this pendant is worth the wearers weight in gold for all that it is capable of doing for everyone.” she said, and went on to say “You’d be surprised at the amount of business owners who have been buying pendants for not only themselves and their families, but for their employees who work for them using the computers and cell-phones.”

The 18Karat gold plated MegaChi™ Pendant is priced at 250.00 each. The Pendants include a Lifetime guarantee. Dealer and distributor inquiries welcome.

The press-release also refers to Dr. Glen Rein’s study, where it was found to be helpful. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any links to the study, not even on the product’s page, where there are a lot of obviously positive testimonials. Maybe they are buried there somewhere.

The site even provides you with a set of before and after photos of using this devices. The photos are written to be performed using “Krilian” photography, as the site states. First of all, they should check the name. It’s Kirlian. But look at the photos:

These are not Kirlian photographs at all. These sorts of “photographs” are done on a computer, hardware and a software which measure skin’s resistance on some points of the hand and the software “translates” these electrical readings from the hand into a kind of aura-like image. Usually, they sell these devices as aura cameras. I can understand some idea behind it but I don’t agree with their results or method. But just for a comparison, a true Kirlian photograph looks something like this (from Wikipedia entry on Kirlian photography, Kirlian photo of a fingertip):

It’s not even close. Anyway, my scientific side also doesn’t like the following idea: a metallic pendant can actually help eliminate the negative effect of cellular phone radiation or of the general Electro-Magnetic-Fields (EMF)? Well, I find it hardly possible. How can a pendant hanging on the chest have any impact on radiation coming out of cell-phone antenna near your ear? I’ve seen many such devices being sold (even without the Chi in their name), some should be sticked to the cell phone’s back instead. But hey, aren’t they bullshit as well. Pure logic tells that if you block/modify radiation emanating from cell phone’s antenna, the phone will stop function as one, since its field shouldn’t be modified.

And I’m not even starting with all the discussion of the word Chi in the pendant and what the seller wants it to mean and what they promise. It’s totally another discussion, which I’ll leave for another time.

Anyway, I’d like to know what you all thing of these types of devices.