After having received a comment where ghostbuster said that it’s not possible to live without water for so long, I decided to ask people who might have more knowledge to answer that question. Obviously, living for six months without food and water seems impossible.

One of people I’ve asked was Profiler, author of Psychic Blogger Chic. I asked her opinion and also asked her to use her Remote Viewing abilities to ‘look’ into the case.

I have received the following reply from her:

… Thank you for your questions about the boy in Nepal and meditation. I focused my attention there and saw there is a large veil around this area. There is strong power there and they are very advanced in the use of mind powers to shield others from viewing. They, I suppose are the handlers that are referenced in the article. Beyond that, this boy has received some food and water and has not, as they say, fasted for 6 months. That said, I think we need to look at the bigger picture. Any time an event captures the minds of the masses, it creates a mass consciousness. That is always significant in the schedule of world events and usually marks a significant change to come. I think there is something significant happening here and all over. Whether or not this boy is the Buddha is of less consequence. He is clearly trying to focus our attention and the boy is certainly accomplishing that. Once he reaches critical mass, he will stop. His mission will have been accomplished. He’ll probably die and become a legend. In the meantime, much of the world will be come aware of the teachings of Buddha in a very experiential way. Cunning, isn’t it. …

So, the message is what important and not the way it is presented. The same opinion holds Joe, the other commenter to the post.

It’s also interesting to note that I have just today, without any connection whatsoever, stumbled upon an article about living on light and air where a man describes how can one (he) live without food. So, just maybe it is possible.

Link to the original post of the boy in Nepal meditating for 6 months without food or water

Latest update: The nepalese meditating ‘Buddha’ boy has disappeared