Two days ago I got home and saw that I have a voice mail on my line that was dedicated to the Psi experiments that I run (or ran) and to another business of mine. On the phone was a message recorded by a seemingly old man where was talking about his mail returning from the Public Parapsychology website, which is run by Annalisa Ventola. He was looking for some help and apparently he thought that he called her. He left his email address and phone number to return information to him. His email contained the name Alex in it.

I used reverse phone lookup and got up with someone, A. Imich. “A” must be Alexander, I thought and was right. I looked up Alexander Imich on the internet, and, ta da, Dr. Alexander Imich is a known parapsychologist from New York. One of the first results was an interview with the man and in the interview started with the fact that at the time of the interview he was 103 years old (although I now believe he was 102 at the time). The interview was dated July 2005.

Today Dr. Imich is 104 years old and, apparently is still active in the field of parapsychology, which he was exploring back in the 1930ies, when he researched mediums of that time. I’ve found more about the man and he appears to be an interesting man (below quote is from the foreword for his New Nobel prize article).

Dr. Imich is a well-known researcher in the science of parapsychology and the author of Incredible Tales of the Paranormal: Documented Accounts of Poltergeist, Levitations, Phantoms, and Other Phenomena. At the age of 93, Dr. Imich enrolled in a course of study at the IM School of Healing Arts in Manhattan and graduated at age 96. In 1999, he founded the Anomalous Phenomena Research Center and is working hard to raise money for a research project, The Crucial Demonstration, the goal of which is to demonstrate incontrovertibly the reality of paranormal phenomena to mainstream scientists and the general public.

Of course I called the man back and helped him to find the information he was looking for. I was thrilled to talk to man who’s still totally in his mind at the age of 104 years. I wonder if I’ll have another chance in my life to talk to such an old man. Let me propose to Alex Tsakiris to invite him to his Skeptiko podcast. I’m sure he has lots to tell about psi research done before WW2 and not only.

During my search for information on this man I’ve found a very interesting research subject he was testing. I’ll write about him next time. The world can sometimes be a very strange and interesting place, it seems.