Another interesting article by Drew Hempel, who earlier published here The Secret of Psychic Music Healing and You Can’t Fake The Full-lotus! Testimony of a qigong practitioner in the context of parapsychology.

The Highest Technology of All Technologies: The Yan Xin Secret

By Drew Hempel, MA

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Yan Xin qigong is a simple, yet very powerful free energy practice that Yan Xin calls “the highest technology of all technologies.” I first was introduced to his qigong practice ten years ago by the Chinese community at the University of Minnesota, hosting a Canadian-Chinese Yan Xin presentation from Toronto. The practice worked amazingly well but I just didn’t understand why. Now after, of course, learning the “hard way,” I have figured out the secret and it’s just as effective as flipping a switch to produce free full-spectrum, healing energy.

Qigong master Yan Xin is a “national treasure” of the Chinese government, an official designation that puts him under their protection and supposed control. The Chinese government even produced a documentary called “Yan Xin Supermaster” that I was able to see with the Yan Xin Chinese community at the University of Minnesota. Qigong master Yan Xin was doing “qi-emitting” lectures that were 7 hours straight and were healing thousands of people at a time. One person healed was the now qigong master Chunyi Lin who even studied with Yan Xin’s teacher. Master Chunyi Lin now teaches his in Minnesota and he himself does amazing healing. I was able to take Master Chunyi Lin’s classes for several years, receiving his energy transmissions.

Dr. David A. Palmer’s new book: “Qigong Fever: Body, science and utopia in China” (Columbia University Press, 2007) gives further details about the efficacy of Yan Xin’s qigong. The Chinese military had qigong master Yan Xin actually put out a vast forest fire! Master Yan Xin also went to the U.S. White House eight times to give energy treatments to President Bush, Sr., which gives some explanation to Bush’s paratroop jump in his 80s! Master Yan Xin continues to do mind-blowing medical healing experiments in collaboration with western-trained scientists—studies published in peer-reviewed international neuroscience journals.

In 1999 there was a big crackdown on qigong in China against Falun Gong and several other practices that had huge movements, larger than the Communist party. At this same time Yan Xin’s chi-emitting lectures were stopped and his international community stopped selling Yan Xin’s meditation tapes, unless a lengthy training course was first completed. There is even claim now that the Chinese military has developed a secret post-apocalypse qigong weapon, which we can guess is probably based on their national treasure: Supermaster Yan Xin.


What is unique about Yan Xin’s “highest technology of all technologies,” as he describes in his meditation tape, is a practice that only now I truly understand. Yan Xin has the qigong practitioner put their hands in front of the stomach so that the forehead can point towards the hands enabling energy to feed back into the “lower tan tien”—the energy foundation of the body. Meditation often involves various “mudras” or hand positions but I’ve never seen another practice that relies on such a feed-back mechanism that Yan Xin teaches.

Why is this simple practice so important? Anyone who has tried to sit in full-lotus knows it’s surprisingly difficult to hold the position for the minimum of two hours that is required for truly deep meditation to be achieved. The pain and pressure in the legs becomes unbearable but if the hands are fed energy by the third eye then an internal energy pump is created which continues to open up the lower body channels. This same free energy feedback effect is produced just by sitting with the legs crossed, western style, or even sitting in a chair, with the back straight—again the trick is to point the forehead towards the hand, in front of the stomach, so that the hands reflect the head energy back into the stomach.

Both yoga and qigong rely on ionization of the stomach’s electrochemicals which are then transduced into the brain via the vagus nerve. The left-brain vagus nerve connects directly to the heart while the right-brain vagus nerve connects to the stomach. So there can be a “mind to heart” left-brain meditation practice, called the “direct path” in Advaita Vedanta jnana yoga or there can be a stomach-brain-heart meditation practice which is really the same as tantra alchemy found both in China and India. Qigong in China emphasizes that it’s the lower half of the body which gives power to the mind, enabling paranormal healing abilities.

In tantric Buddhism the male, while sitting, visualizes a female riding on top of him, while he holds the female in front of the body, held up by his hands in front of his stomach. This tantra practice is the same free energy feedback principle as the Yan Xin Secret because the lower half of the body is yin, while the upper half is yang, but when the third eye focuses on the hands then the yang energy from the brain feeds back into the yin energy, reflecting off the hands.

It doesn’t matter whether the practitioner is male or female because the original spiritual energy – the formless awareness – is female and for all humans the lower half of the body is yin (female) while the upper half is yang (male).

Often times people will hold their hands in front of the body during meditation but without using the Third Eye to reflect the yang brain energy back into the lower half of the body there is no free energy circuit created. It’s well known in meditation that bending the head slightly forward opens up the crucial channels in the back of the neck, but again this is not usually connected with feeding the head energy back into the lower half of the body, via the hands.

What happens in normal meditation then is the vagus nerve pumps the yin energy from the stomach and reproductive organs, up into the brain but then the energy just leaves the body as yang energy—attracted to yin energy outside of the body. This process is fine for emitting bioenergy healing but it does not produce a free energy feedback system for the practitioner. Mantak Chia, for example, does not teach full-lotus meditation because too often the yang energy gets stuck in the brain without any balance of the body’s lower half yin energy. Instead Mantak Chia relies on the “microcosmic orbit” or small universe, an alchemy practice that is also taught in India, as Mircea Eliade details. The Yan Xin Secret is simpler, more direct and more powerful.

The Yan Xin Secret of visualizing the third eye focusing energy on the hands which are then held to reflect that energy back into the stomach enables a free energy feedback system to keep building up the energy of the practitioner. The Yan Xin Secret works because of the complimentary opposite principles of natural resonance using asymmetric number—something I’ve explained in detail in other articles.

I had to learn the Yan Xin Secret the hard way because a beginner may not have a very visceral experience with the free energy process. Visualization seems too mystical for westerners—unless we understand the principle behind it. At first blissful heat is created, then electromagnetic fields and finally light-information.