I wrote in October about my short phone encounter with Dr. Alexander Imich, 104 years old parapsychologist living in NYC. Today I’ve read an article about his current life situation in the New York times online. The article, titled Still Pursuing a Lifetime’s Worth of Interests at 104 is under the neediest cases section of the paper.

As it becomes clear from the article Dr. Imich lost all of his money on the stock market during the last 5 years and he’s still in debt, giving all his social security payments to the collectors. The article in NY Times tells little about his parapsycholgy interests, mentioning that he still reads several hours a day and gives lectures on this subject. Instead, the article focuses on the financial aid that Dr. Imich gets from some local NY funds, like the NY TImes Neediest Cases fund. He also doesn’t have any close relatives as most of them were killed in Poland during World War II. Dr. Imich is of Jewish origins in Poland where most of the jews were killed during the Holocaust.

It’s very sad to see this man in such a need.
The article also includes photographs of Dr. Imich.