The famous Sony corporation apparently has had an ESP research laboratory during the period between years 1990 and 1998. This R&D department has been busy with finding evidence for the existence of various ESP phenomena, mainly Remote Viewing and Qi energy, as it seems. The lab was know under the name ESPER which stands for Extrasensory Perception and Excitation Research.

The founder and lead researcher of the lab was Yoichiro Sako, first a computer science and mathematics scientist, who later developed interest in parapsychology. Backed by a senior Sony executive, the lab has been active for 8 years.

Here’s what Mr. Yoichiro Sako had to say during the 16th Annual Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration at Las Vegas, NV:

"As the 21st century draws nearer, we can see that society’s materialistic values, fostered in many respects by modern science and technology, have become outdated and unworthy. It is clear that we have come to another turning point in history and science. What we require to meet the challenges of these unpredictable and confusing times is a new paradigm to guide a new age. I believe that the key to this new paradigm lies in the research of biological, mental, and spiritual phenomena such as "Qi" and other psychic powers that have been overlooked by modern scientists…. I think that the results of my research could help bring about a significant revolution that might force our materialistic society to turn around, and concurrently reform the ways of modern science and technology."


Well, after 8 years of research, Sony closed the lab with the statement that the ESP phenomena was proved to exist but that they didn’t find a way to use it commercially, so the research was closed. Specifically, most progress was done with Remote Viewing and Qi energy, and the study conclusions were stated on these matter.

Although Sony did not provide public with hard evidence to the validity of its research result, it is still a notable fact, that first, a big commercial company research ESP for 8 years and, second, that they have officially stated that they have found ESP phenomena to be true.