This year has been a successful one for I have established numerous connection with people from the parapsychology (or psi, if you prefer) sphere, including Alex Tsakiris of Skeptiko podcast, medium Marcel Cairo and several other people. I’ve also opened the parapsychology and healing forum in addition to the blog on this website. The forum includes a very active Official Skeptiko podcast forum with more than 2400 posts as of now.

The website has seen large increase in visitors. The main site itself (without the forum) was visited more than 300,000 times this year. The most popular pages were:

I’ve also done 6 interviews this year (up from 4 in 2006) which I find very rewarding:

Overall, 2007 saw 115 posts (see archives for all of them), which is not bad output for this niche and with the little time I have. I still have grand ideas for future posts and for the future development of the site which I need to find a way and the time to implement. I’d appreciate any help you can provide.

In the first months of 2007 I’ve also developed and ran the Psi Experiments websites which was a very educational experience for me, even if it didn’t reach its goals. It took me a month to develop and build, get sponsors for the prizes and promote using press releases and other websites. I’ve ran 3 Psi experiment:

  1. Where’s the ring
  2. Remote Viewing/Dowsing experiment
  3. Guess the card

Unfortunately, because of bad design none of them could validate the existence of psi. I would still like to develop more and better psi experiments but I need help in their development, mostly from the experiment design point of view.

My wishes for 2008 is to see the readership of the site grow and a more active community to start to build up in the forums. I would like to interview more interesting people, to see more interest in psi in the scientific world and for all of us to be healthy and happy in the forthcoming year.

Happy new year to everyone.