I’ve received a spam mail, which came through all the spam filters, unrelated to my owning this site, but I found it very interesting and I thought I’d post about it, since I find these kind of proposals funny. I’m removing any identification of the sender in order not to promote spam.

Teleconference Event Saturday Dec. xxth 6PM PST: Psychic Readings for Marketing Your Business
“A Teleconference to support new and existing Web Business using Psychic information with Search Engine/Internet Marketing Secrets”
featuring [John Doe], Clairvoyant/Energy Teacher/Spiritual Coach and his Webmaster/Internet marketing team.

Do you want to have absolute confidence in your business future?
Do you want to have absolute confidence in every business decision you make?
Do you want to have absolute confidence in the results your business produces?
We’re selecting 25 people from several thousand to participate in a test and testimonial group.

In this conference call, we will introduce how energetic phenomena works and the power with which it impacts your business. By looking at your business through a psychic perspective you are able to tune into your higher self, your guides and any energy blocks in your chakra system as you gain valuable insight into your success.

Give yourself the advantage of higher wisdom. When you sign up for this event, you’ll receive:

– A chance for a mini-Psychic reading about your business to see if you’re on track
– Free dynamic web page you can edit anytime
– Huge savings on an upgrade to your existing site

Although I know that business people do seek psychic advice from time to time, getting a spam like this was kind of funny and strange. I found funny mostly because of the phrase: “Psychic information with Search Engine/Internet Marketing Secrets”.