The Skeptical Inquirer Magazine (by CSICOP) named Ten Outstanding Skeptics of the Century. The names were selected by a poll done by the Fellows of the CSICOP. The list goes like this:

  1. James Randi (no need to introduce)
  2. Martin Gardner, author of book “Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science”
  3. Carl Sagan
  4. Paul Kurtz – the founder of CSICOP and of the magazine
  5. Ray Hyman – professor of psychology, “the leading constructive critic of academic parapsychology research”.
  6. Philip J. Klass – “The Sherlock Holmes of UFOlogy”
  7. Sci-Fi writer Isaac Asimov.
  8. Philosopher Bertrand Russell
  9. Best known magician Harry Houdini
  10. Albert Einstein

So, from the list it is obviously seen that the skeptics themselves consider a magician with no real scientific background (James Randi in the top of the list) over the most prominent scientist of the 20th century (Albert Einstein on 10th spot). Now, how can you consider them to be serious skeptics with such a list?