There’s a lot of information these days about Remote Viewing. Remote viewing is defined as ability to ‘see’ or perceive information about objects (places, people, event), possibly also related to another time, without any known means of communication. In the last several years there have been reports about the US Army and CIA having remote viewing programs in the past and, possible, in the present time. Some people claimed that they have participated in the programs and opened firms that promote remote viewing study programs.

There seem to be several remote viewing types. The classical one is remote viewing done by a psychic. You can search for my other posts here that relate to remote viewing to get an example. The other group of remote viewing has to do with different techniques available for ‘non-psychics’. Of these, there are TRV (Technical Remote Viewing), CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing), SRV (Scientific remote viewing) and possibly many others.

Lately, I’ve stumbled upon the site, which promotes the Remote Viewing research, specifically the SRV. The Farsight institute is a non-profit organization devoted to RV research and promotion. As a benefit of being non-profit they provide with a free 18-hours audio course plus textbook on their site. I definitely want to take a closer look at it and start to listen to the audio course.

For more information, visit See learning and there ‘Approach 1’, which is the free course.

Have you had any experience with Remote Viewing? Comment what you think of this issue.