The Parascope website has a seven part article that deals with the micro-PK research. Micro-PK is Micro Psychokinesis – the supposed ability of the human mind to affect machines. Take a look at previous posts on the subject on this site. The article collects information from the various respectable research centers, such as Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research program (PEAR), Institute of Parapsychology (Rhine Research Center), Center for Environmental Studies at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada and other.

Reading the article would make even the skeptics thinking about the results of the research. Overall, all of the researches that were conducted have shown that human mind can alter the results of seemingly random events. Most of the tests used to determine the phenomena were using some kind of machine (computer or robot) to generate random patterns, either binary numbers, visual or mechanical. The results of the random patterns should have been 50% but over the course of many years of tests people have been able to alter the results for 1 to 2 percents in the favor of the desired result. This may not seem like a lot, but it is a statistically significant value that can’t be disregarded and definitely show that micro-PK does exist.

After the scientists have come to the conclusion that the Psychokinesis phenomena exists they went on to research how different people had different result and if external factors also affected the psi abilities of the people. Some of their result was that men and women had different abilities:

Jahn and Dunne tracked individual operator statistics by gender and found a significant difference between their abilities. Men achieved results closer to their intentions, but the effects were smaller than those achieved by women.

Another result that they came to was related to the personal differences between people:

"People who did well we knew would do well. They tend to be extroverted, interested, and believers. They’re often into meditation, tai chi, abstract math, or archery — something that gives them mental discipline."

This result once again proves us that the ESP faculties can be developed and enhanced by training the mind. The scientists have come to the step where not the possibility of the existence of micro-PK should be researched but the How?. How it works? The researches proposed that it has a connection to the quantum physics view of the world. Look for previous articles on this site that find connection between quantum physics and the mind abilities. Other finding in the research was that the distance didn’t matter (which is well known to people that have first hand experience with ESP):

"Just how it occurs we don’t know," she (Dunne) says. "It’s as if information has been introduced and the entropy thereby reduced. And distance doesn’t seem to matter. If the operator is a foot from the machine or around the world, the results are the same.

If you’re interested in what the science has done to research the psychokinesis and what its possibilities are, read the full article at the parascope site.