I have written about Miroslaw Magola, the Magnetic Man, including my interview with him. Miroslaw has been telling me about his contacts with James Randi and Randi has several times written about him as well on his site. Now, Miroslaw Magola wants to publish the following article. I publish it verbatim as he sent it to me, except for some minor editing for spelling and presentation.

The true story about Mr. James Randi and me, Miroslaw MAGOLA, the „Magnetic Man“

Our first contact dates to 1996 when I learned that my „human bio-magnetism“ ability (magnetism not in the original physical sense) may fall into the area of the JREF prize organised by James Randi http://www.randi.org/.

Although so far I have not applied officially, and although James Randi keeps a list – „I have a little list“ http://www.randi.org/jr/031204busted.html – of 178 applicants as of 2004 (in which he includes my name), he thought enough of my internet publications that he dealt with me in two further publications (twice in 2004 – http://www.randi.org/jr/032604why.html as well as in http://www.randi.org/jr/082704gluton.html – and latest in March 2008 – http://www.randi.org/joom/swift/swift/swift-march-14-2008.html).

About my abilities:
Details of these can be found in my interviews with Mysteries magazine ( http://www.mysteries-magazin.com/index.php?menu=journal&op=journal&func=covers&id=2008 ) and Mind-energy.net (https://www.mind-energy.net/archives/281-Interview-with-Miroslaw-Magola-the-magnetic-man.html).
Just to give you a few examples I am able to lift various items of different materials (metal, wood, plastic, ceramic) with palms, forehead and chest in a vertical direction and – if using palms – to bang them together without the objects falling down. I have proved my abilities not to be a hoax during several public appearances and demonstrations, e.g. at the Basel PSI days (http://www.psi-infos.de/2002_fahigkeiten.html), and on television, e.g. in a live show for the British ITV programme „Beyond-Belief“ (http://www.uri-geller.com/bb.htm), SF1 and Telebasel (Switzerland), RTL and PRO7 (Germany) (http://users.aol.com/mmagola/mh.html) and „Unbelievable“ on Fuji-TV in Japan .
All demonstrations can be viewed on the internet and I’m inviting anyone whoever is interested to do so. (http://www.magola.com/English/welcome.html http://www.magneticman.org http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vk7-8ckQtpY&watch_response).

These are the things that I can do. How do you choose to call them, is up to you. I call it „human bio-magnetism“
Several reputable scientists have conducted research in this area. To name few: Prof. Dr. Ruhenstroth-Bauer and Dr. Friedbert Karger of the Max-Planck-Institut in Germany, Prof. Alex Schneider Msc, Dr. U.E. Hasler of Switzerland, Dr. Alexander Imich , Barbara G. Koopman of USA, Prof. Dr. Konstatin Korotkov, Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia.

Getting back to Mr. James Randi and me.

He doubts my abilities and thinks they are down to „trickery (i.e. like adhesive, glue etc.)“. I can reassure and prove to you that adhesive or glue do not play any role, neither does suction with the help of humidity such as „natural perspiration“ or „the natural skin oil“, or any other similar things. These suspicions are also a reason why he suggests to „dust [my] skin with talcum powder before such a test“. With regards to his thoughtful concern that „perhaps Magola is allergic to talcum powder“ I can put your mind to ease – I won’t need medical assistance any time soon. If you look closely at the photos and videos you will see that in these demonstrations I use talcum powder and even rubber gloves (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJaJWA5o_t4&feature=related¸ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTMekYqvbVA&feature=related).

To precisely define the terms:

My abilities are not about „drawing physical force“, but instead about bio-magnetic power producing movement of objects wchich stick to a part of my body even when dusted with talcum powder.

Furthermore, I am appalled by Mr. Randi’s allegation in his article „That Pot Head Man“ (http://www.randi.org/joom/swift/swift/swift-march-14-2008.html#i14, 14 March 2008) where he accuses me of bad hygiene ; I see this as a personal attack of the lowest kind.
I understand that Mr. Randi „has no urge whatsoever to travel across the world to see yet another ‘sticky skin’ demo“ (“A sticky person“, http://www.randi.org/jr/032604why.html). Therefore, I’m willing to accept his conditions to coordinate a meeting in a place and time convenient for Mr. Randi, where I would be able to demonstrate my human bio-magnetic abilities on a public forum through a television program or any other way Mr. Randi would agree to. We can establish before hand the type of materials ,their weight and any other details necessary, including „a few grams of talcum powder“.

I also assume that Mr. Randi carries his cheque book when he travels.

Miroslaw MAGOLA