This is a guest post by Heather Johnson.

The current state of our nation’s healthcare has turned many people to alternative medicine. Some uses are as old as humanity itself and have been effective forever. So why don’t more people trust this age-old healing process? There are many myths out there concerning holistic healing. Many people think that it’s only for hippies or bizarre people. Whatever the reason for people’s hesitance there are just as many people that are believers. Here are five tips for the people that are serious about feeling better through non-traditional method:

  1. Continue with prescription drug use. If you’re turning to holistic healing then it doesn’t mean you should ditch the medication that has been prescribed for you. Eventually you may be able to wean yourself off your prescriptions but it doesn’t mean that you can automatically stop taking the drugs that a physician has deemed proper for your care. The hope is that you’ll eventually be in a position where you can stop relying on your prescriptions but holistic healing isn’t going to instantly prove miraculous.
  2. Comfort is crucial. You have to make sure that you’re comfortable with your holistic healer. If you’re feeling uneasy about your relationship then try out a few until you have the right fit. Trust is the biggest thing you have to achieve with your healer before you can totally put yourself in their hands.
  3. Know your practitioners’ education. If you feel that your practitioner isn’t the most qualified person then find out where they’ve studied. People can get degrees from less than reputable institutions and if this frightens you then do some research to find out where they’ve learned their craft.
  4. Don’t be worried if you feel worse before feeling better. With holistic healing chances are that you’re going to feel worse before you start to feel better. This is called the healing crisis. Don’t be worried about this period as it’s completely natural to go through a period where the treatment is beginning to take effect.
  5. Embrace the non-conventional. Alternative medicine doesn’t focus on surgery and drugs. Rather, it centers on nutrition, herbs and other natural sources. It will take a while to realize that you’re not receiving the care you’re used to. Most people will be wary at first, but realize that this is a process that has been around for thousands of years or as long as man has roamed the earth.


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